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3CX is a software-based private branch exchange based on the SIP standard. It enables extensions to make calls via the public switched telephone network or via Voice over Internet Protocol services. 3CX for Windows, Linux, and Raspberry Pi is an IP business phone system that supports standard SIP soft/hard phones, VoIP services and traditional PSTN phone lines.

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  • IP address:
  • Location: Mountain View United States
  • Latitude: 37.4043
  • Longitude: -122.0748
  • Timezone: America/Los_Angeles

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3cx.com lookup results from whois.registrar.eu server:
  • Domain created: 1998-09-22T04:00:00Z
  • Domain updated: 2020-08-21T09:40:45Z
  • Domain expires: 2025-09-21T04:00:00Z 4 Years, 157 Days left
  • Website age: 22 Years, 207 Days
  • Registrar Domain ID: 2087139_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
  • Registrar Url: http://www.openprovider.com
  • Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.registrar.eu
  • Registrar Abuse Contact Email: [email protected]
  • Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +31.104482297
  • Name server:

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Login - 3CX

Login.3cx.com Don't have an account yet? Create an account here.. Privacy Policy | Contact Us | Contact Us

Download 3CX V16 - 3CX

Www.3cx.com If you are looking to download 3CX or 3CX apps, please login to your customer account here.. If you want to sign up for one year at no cost, go here.

Ports Used by 3CX Phone System - A complete list

Www.3cx.com PROTOCOL. PORT (DEFAULT) DESCRIPTION. PORT FORWARDING REQUIRED. TCP. 5001 or 443. HTTPs port of Web Server. This port can be configured Yes – if you intend on using a 3CX client, Bridge Presence, Remote IP Phones from outside your LAN and 3CX WebMeeting functionality. TCP. 5015. This port is used for the online Web-Based installer wizard (NOT 3CX config command line tool) only …

Use the Intel NUC MiniPC as a 3CX PBX Appliance

Www.3cx.com Supported Intel NUC models for 3CX Appliance. These models were tested by installing 3CX via UnetBootin USB. See the guide on how to prepare a USB stick to install the 3CX ISO (Debian).. If a particular Mini PC works with Debian 9 then it is highly likely that it works with 3CX, as Debian for 3CX is based on Debian 9.

3CX Basic Training: 8. Ring Groups

Www.3cx.com At the end of this module, you will be able to create and configure Ring Groups and Paging Groups. This includes the available paging strategies, polling behavior, as well as all other configurable settings.

V16 SSL Certificate Renewal | 3CX Forums

Www.3cx.com Jun 25, 2019  · I downloaded the certificate files form the registrar. I renamed the .crt to -crt.pem and the pem file to -key.pem as the exact file names. I replaced the files and the service gets stuck on Stopping.

How to delete provisioned phones/multiple devices? | 3CX ...

Www.3cx.com Jun 07, 2017  · Hi cobaltit, To delete a phone from your extension, 1. Open the management console, go to extensions, 2. Double click on the extension to open …

Push errors after Patch | 3CX Forums

Www.3cx.com Jan 21, 2021  · Patched up to 16.0.1078 and now my log is filling with push errors. It was all working before the patch. Anyone have a suggestion. Firewall checks pass and all inspection is off on the firewall. The only change was the latest patch. Failed to send APNS PUSH to device iPhone12,8Matt’s...

Solved - full cone test failed - help! | 3CX Forums

Www.3cx.com Oct 02, 2018  · Good morning, So I went into my router and tried forwarding ports (thought it was done already which it wasn’t) and now all things work Apologies and you can delete this thread.

Solved - Export contacts from softphone to Company | 3CX ...

Www.3cx.com Sep 21, 2017  · Hello, We are running the version 15.0 of 3CX. I have many contacts in my local 3CX softphone accounts. 1) Where are they stored on my PC (which folder) ? 2) How can I export them from my softphone ? 3) Then, how can I import them into the company contacts list ? …

3cx microsoft teams integration | 3CX Forums

Www.3cx.com Aug 06, 2020  · My company is using microoft teams to have meetings with staff in the corporation. We would like for an external client to be able to dial in using a phone number to join meetings. Can i get. Also we use a 3cx pbx, can it be integrated to Microsoft teams enable people to dial into a Microsoft...

RTP Port Configuration | 3CX Forums

Www.3cx.com Feb 06, 2018  · I am concurrently using v12 and v14. I just downloaded v15.5 for trial purpose. I was trying to change the RTP ports on v15.5 (Linux) since its RTP ports conflicts with my v12's on the same WAN. To my surprise, there is no option for changing RTP port range under v15.5 [Setting -> Network]...

How to release 3cx fqdn from license | 3CX Forums

Www.3cx.com Feb 13, 2018  · i need help with the procedure to release the fqdn from license. I have a new license and want to use the same fqdn. From my customer portal i dont see where to release the fdqn from the license. I am aware of the procedure to backup without fqdn and license, uninstall, reinstall and restore...

Solved - Block WAN requests is ON | 3CX Forums

Www.3cx.com Nov 28, 2017  · Normally you should install the PBX on local address like, or, as defined by RFC 1918. The address is a public IP address and if you use it as private one, the PBX would not function properly.

Solved - Unable to reach 3CX License Activation Server ...

Www.3cx.com Jan 30, 2018  · OK, I've reinstalled the system and the license key has now been changed. However, the PBX tells me activation has failed and I still get the message "Unable to …

Solved - [Flow] Target endpoint for can not be built ...

Www.3cx.com Aug 28, 2018  · Yes sir. All DID's are entered the same way with the *. I deleted the incoming rule for that DID and off the SIP trunk and manually re-entered it.

3cx management console password reset | 3CX Forums

Www.3cx.com Sep 26, 2019  · 3CX Pro Perpetual V16.0.7.1078 - On Premise - Windows 10 Pro V20H2 - 120 Go SSD - 8GO - Intel CPU J3455 https://www.aws2p.com

Solved - 3CX app on IOS and Android not ringing always ...

Www.3cx.com Mar 26, 2020  · Hello, Many of my clients now work from home because of corona, and they started reporting a problem with 3cx app which isn't ringing always. I didn't notice this with my app. but I want to check is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening? They …

Solved - How to restart service | 3CX Forums

Www.3cx.com Jul 21, 2017  · Get 3CX Free for 1 Year. Hosted, in your private cloud or on-premise! No strings attached, fill in your name and email and get started:

REST API for 3CX | 3CX Forums

Www.3cx.com Apr 11, 2018  · Yes, but there are no answer there and not possible to add a new comment to the thread. The last news was that it was to be released early 2018 and we are already in mi April.

Shared Parking | 3CX Forums

Www.3cx.com Aug 15, 2018  · I love the shared parking feature, it's great for customers replacing older phone systems who are used to, for example, making a tannoy announcement to say there is a call on line 1 for x. It works beautifully when you can program BLF's but how does one pickup a …

Solved - Change the extension of the operator | 3CX Forums

Www.3cx.com Feb 07, 2018  · Hi, I set up 3cx as a test environment, we then decided we were happy with it and turned it into a production system, the issue i have is the operator's extension is 000 which just happens to be the emergency services number in Australia, is there any way to change the operator extension or...

Get Started with 3CX: Our Quick Reference PBX User Guide

Www.3cx.com Apr 25, 2019  · 3CX is built with ease of use in mind. Easy for resellers, easy for administrators, and easy for end-users. But no matter how intuitive and user-friendly a system or application is, a little guidance to get started could never hurt!

3CX not registering depending on outbound proxy name | 3CX ...

Www.3cx.com Jan 02, 2021  · Hello, I am unfortunately experiencing a weird issue with the newest stable release of 3CX (16.0.1078). I am trying to register a Deutsche Telekom Company Flex SIP Trunk (by the way, I was told by Deutsche Telekom officials that they will eventually migrate everybody to their new "Company Flex"...

3CX API | 3CX Forums

Www.3cx.com Feb 02, 2021  · Hi Customer wants to use an API to extract call data from the 3CX - is this possible? I have seen may posts about a call control API but nothing for …

Integrate 3CX Phone System Pro with Salesforce.com

Www.3cx.com Feb 02, 2021  · Hi Customer wants to use an API to extract call data from the 3CX - is this possible? I have seen may posts about a call control API but nothing for …

Host your 3CX Phone System on Amazon Lightsail

Www.3cx.com Introduction. Easily host and manage 3CX in your own Amazon Lightsail account, managing all your servers from one account and leveraging your Amazon knowledge to stay in …

Mac Softphone - 3CX

Www.3cx.com We have quite a few new updates lined up for you in the next few days and we're starting off with a new update for the 3CX client for Mac. This latest update has focused on making calls connect much faster than previously, as well as fixed some connection issues that occurred in MacOS Sierra.

Solved - Disconnected. Waiting for network. | 3CX Forums

Www.3cx.com Jun 27, 2019  · We have this occasionally crop up. It may be worth doing a soft reboot of the server. Then clear your cache and see if that works.

Solved - Incoming call ringing through PC speakers rather ...

Www.3cx.com Jun 02, 2020  · Hi all, is there a way I can make incoming calls ring through my PC speakers rather than my Jabra Pro headset (whilst using Web Client)? Many thanks. Dave.

Use Google Cloud Storage to backup your PBX and ... - 3CX

Www.3cx.com Jun 02, 2020  · Hi all, is there a way I can make incoming calls ring through my PC speakers rather than my Jabra Pro headset (whilst using Web Client)? Many thanks. Dave.

Outbound call not working | 3CX Forums

Www.3cx.com Jan 24, 2018  · Hi everyone, We have setup the 3CX phone system and everythings works well, extension, inbound calls, IVR , etc... But we cannot make any outbound call and we cannot find why. Our number supplier is VOIP.MS, if it is necessary. Hope you can help !

How do I uninstall 3CX on Linux to restore backup? | 3CX ...

Www.3cx.com Dec 08, 2016  · Hi We have a situation where we need to change the internal IP of a 3CX Linux computer. When you uninstall 3CX through apt-get it seems that the configuration remains. I suspect that is because the database engine is not uninstalled. Is there an official way to uninstall 3CX so it can be...

3CX Terms and Conditions

Www.3cx.com Apr 15, 2018  · Please read these terms and conditions carefully before accessing or using this website. By using or accessing the website you signify that you have read and understood and accept all terms and conditions governing this website or any part thereof, including without limitation any and all disclaimers, rules, guidelines and privacy policies or statements, which terms and conditions shall take ...

Solved - SSL Certificate | 3CX Forums

Www.3cx.com Dec 27, 2017  · Hi, I'm trying to upgrade the 3CX system to 15.5. We have a FQDN of our own, but there is no SSL certificate How can I get an SSL certificate and a CDR as I'm stuck with the installation. Thanks

Solved - Register failed, Service unavailable | 3CX Forums

Www.3cx.com Jan 24, 2019  · Hello, I don't know where to start for troubleshooting this, for information my 3cx server has ben running about a year or two, never touch or reconfigure...

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