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4160Tuesdays, London, United Kingdom. 3.9K likes. Founded in 2012. We make scents - unusual, beautiful and extravagant ones - for ourselves and other small companies. We're in Hammersmith, London...

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4160 Tuesdays | We make adventurous perfume | London

Www.4160tuesdays.com Winter 2020, and we are keeping our online shop open. Orders might take a bit longer to process as we manage the studio during lockdown. Our Post Office is still taking parcels, so we can sell perfume.

Scenthusiasm | 4160Tuesdays

Www.4160tuesdays.com This really makes me enthusiastic and happy: gin, rose, cucumber. What's not to love? And the gin craze in early 18th century Britain has shown that gin really can be addictive, so in a way this is the epitome of an addictive fragrance.

Captured by Candlelight | 4160Tuesdays

Www.4160tuesdays.com The scent of Christmas Pudding alight with blue brandy flames, served in an oak panelled dining room, lit with candles. Rich, fruity & boozy, with woods and a wax candle note.

Doe In The Snow | 4160Tuesdays

Www.4160tuesdays.com Doe in the Snow was made for a special occasion one January, for a very special customer. It’s inspired by the fruity chypre fragrances of the 1960s and 70s, but with a layer of frost.

What I Did On My Holidays | 4160Tuesdays

Www.4160tuesdays.com What I Did On My Holidays is the story of a day at the seaside, but this time it’s summer holidays in Scarborough or Brighton or St Anne’s, somewhere with an amusement arcade, mint rock shop and a candy floss stand.

Over The Chocolate Shop | 4160Tuesdays

Www.4160tuesdays.com Over the Chocolate Shop is the gloriously rich aroma you can inhale as the chocolatiers make their first batch of pralines in the early morning.

Eau My Soul | 4160Tuesdays

Www.4160tuesdays.com Eau My Soul is the sandalwood amber scent of a group hug, made for the Facebook Group of the same name. Each one of this friendly group of fragrance fans could vote for their favourite notes, which also included frankincense, rose, honey, orris, musk, bergamot, benzoin, vanilla, myrrh, vetiver, patchouli, jasmine, lavender, cognac, tobacco, and oakmoss.

Hello | 4160 Tuesdays

Www.4160tuesdays.com If you're seaching for a scent with character, you're at the right place. You can buy them online here, and in specialist fragrance shops in the UK, Europe, USA, South Korea and Australia. If you'd like to test them first, have a look at our UK and international stockists or pop into our studio for a sniff.. We also run workshops where you can learn more about perfume.

Inevitable Crimes of Passion | 4160Tuesdays

Www.4160tuesdays.com Inevitable Crimes of Passion was inspired by a story Sarah's university friend told her. He was walking around the British Museum following a wonderful fragrance, which he traced to an elegant older woman.

Tidying Up Sale - Scent Shop | 4160Tuesdays

Www.4160tuesdays.com Fragrances which are retiring. These fragrances all contain materials which have gone up in price by scarily significant amounts. If they are your favourites, this is your chance to stash them. In future we will be able to make them for you to order (if you really want some). The good news is that we'll have space to bring out some new ones.

Outdoors Mrs Gloss - a walk in the woods - 4160Tuesdays

Www.4160tuesdays.com Made back in 2016 specially for our friends at Mrs Gloss & the goss, the world's biggest Facebook dedicated to looking and smelling your best. Mrs Gloss's inclusive, positive attitude won us over straight away, and we've made four fragrances so far for our Glosser chums. Mrs Gloss Outdoors is an eau de toilette because it's got natural treemoss absolute in it, and mosses smell lovely but ...

Our Modern Lives - Scent Shop | 4160Tuesdays

Www.4160tuesdays.com An aromatic toolkit for the 21st Century - just what we need right now. We first made Our Modern Lives in 2017 and since then we've been using them quietly in yoga classes. As Sarah McCartney, our perfumer, is also a qualified yoga teacher and has been practising since 1996, and developed these aromas to set the atmosphere for different moods in the yoga room. She and her students have been ...

Bodhi Language | 4160Tuesdays

Www.4160tuesdays.com A couple of years ago we discovered Australian Buddhawood, and made The Buddhawood Box, a fragrance so woodsy that some people adored it and others throught it was like being hit on the head with a finely worked Aussie cricket bat.

Wash Me in The Water - Scent Shop | 4160Tuesdays

Www.4160tuesdays.com Our fragrances all have a bit of attitude, and capture our impression of times and places. Search our shop to buy our adventurous perfume!

Eat Flowers | 4160Tuesdays

Www.4160tuesdays.com Eat Flowers was launched in 2018, following a successful experiment that combined two earlier floral blends we made for a client. We don't like leaving perfectly good perfumes on the shelf so once we got the balance just right, it was helped down from the shelving system and off to the Post Office.

Make your own perfume with 4160Tuesdays' perfumer Sarah ...

Www.4160tuesdays.com 2020 update: We are no longer running workshops at our studio. It's quite small, and we all use the same materials and we can't wear masks because we've got to smells things. Everyone who has a workshop booked has options: Wait until it's safe for 10 perfume-loving strangers to share a small room. Take your voucher's value in our fragrances. Take the course at home with one of our kits. For ...

The Dark Heart of Old Havana | 4160Tuesdays

Www.4160tuesdays.com The smell of a walk through Old Havana; coffee and tobacco, sweet, sugary desserts cooked with baskets of oranges and mangoes. Buy your bottle in our scent shop.

Perfume samples in our new 2.25ml atomisers

Www.4160tuesdays.com 2.25 ml each of seven eaux de parfums for you to try before deciding which ones you need in a bigger bottle. If you'd like to try some of the fragrances not mentioned in the Taster Sets of 7, choose Pick Where You Like, and write their names in the delivery notes part of check out. "My taster City Collection arrived today and I'm thrilled with it! I've found myself uninspired with the scents ...

Making fragrances for other companies and brands: what you ...

Www.4160tuesdays.com On the left (far left) you'll see a bottle of Freshly Laudered, a fragrance we made in 2020 for Samsung, and featured in the excellent spoof ads for their EcoBubble washing machine, starring Olympic gold medal gymnast Max Whitlock.

About Us | 4160 Tuesdays

Www.4160tuesdays.com 4160Tuesdays is an artisan perfumery based in London where we've been hand-making adventurous scents since 2011. We create all our perfumes in small batches of 50-200 bottles at our Hamnmersmith studio, where we also run fragrance-making workshops.

Tokyo Spring Blossom | 4160Tuesdays

Www.4160tuesdays.com The fragrance formerly known as Urura's Tokyo Cafe is the scent of a warm spring breeze blowing through blossom. We first made this for a charity event in Tokyo at Urura's tiny Green Ginger Cafe and it turns out that her name means exactly that – the breeze through spring blossoms.

The scent you'd wear for a folk rock concert, in your ...

Www.4160tuesdays.com A citrus chypre for everyone, evoking 1960s and 70s scents worn by women in jeans and men with long hair who scandalised our Edwardian grandparents.

This time it's The Clans Gather Again - 4160Tuesdays

Www.4160tuesdays.com A collection of fragrances which were almost launched, and editions which were perhaps not meant to happen

Flora Psychedelica Eau de Toilette 50ml - 4160 Tuesdays

Www.4160tuesdays.com The intoxicating aroma of an imaginary flower, set deep in the sun dappled woods on a late spring day. Flora Psychedelica is usually an eau de parfum but we made a small batch as a lighter eau de toilette and it works beautifully for a warm summer day. Here it is in a 50ML bottle.

The scent of the live version of the song - 4160 Tuesdays

Www.4160tuesdays.com Take Me To The River Our first fragrance of the pair is based on the Talking Heads live 1980s version of Take Me To The River: We wanted to capture by the feeling of an irresistible attraction to someone who's very bad for you but that you don't want to give up, not yet. If you've been there, you're probably very glad to be out of it, and maybe look back with a certain fondness but much more ...

Perfumery materials violets ionones - 4160Tuesdays

Www.4160tuesdays.com Materials we use: violets α-ionone and β-ionone - Victorian treasures discovered by the early olfactory explorers Have you ever smelled a violet? You have to get down really close. Or you can pick it, but that would be a shame. The picture here is of violets in my front garden last year. Any day they'll be back. I can't wait. There was a time when violets were cut and brought to London every ...

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