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Achieving success with Home Assistant, Flux and sensors ... May 25, 2020  · My philosophy for home automation from the start has been that the best UI is no UI, meaning that I just want things to work automagically. I don’t want to fiddle buttons or software on a day-to-day basis. Sensors and automations should do most of the work.

Building a Pwnagotchi for WiFi penetration testing (with a ... Nov 21, 2019  · With this done, you should now have your own Pwnagotchi up and running and start showing data on the screen. Please note that you should leave your device up and running for at least 30 minutes during the first boot for it to get properly configured, as it needs to do a fair bit of processing.

How to migrate from qcow2/raw to iSCSI with KVM/QEMU ... Jul 29, 2016  · I recently had to migrate a number of VMs currently running on an NFS share to an iSCSI target. During my research, I was surprised how little documentation there was around this, so I decided to whip up this quick little piece about how to do it.

How to boot from USB with Grub2 | Viktor’s ramblings Jul 29, 2014  · Yesterday, I had to rescue a broken Ubuntu 14.04 installation by booting from USB. Unfortunately, I was unable to get into the BIOS to change the boot order (because of a BIOS password and a bad memory).

How to fix kernel_task CPU usage on El Capitan | Viktor’s ... Jan 03, 2016  · Sometime ago, I wrote the blog post How to fix kernel_task CPU usage on Yosemite. This post still receives a great amount of traction, so I wanted to post an update that reflects the covers how to do this on El Capitan.

Create a bootable USB drive for Yosemite the easy way ... Sep 18, 2014  · Today I decided to take Yosemite for a spin on my old laptop. Since installing from USB is the only way to do a clean install, I started googling around for exact steps (which were somewhat messy).. To my surprise, it appears as Apple also realized …

Home Assistant, ESPHome and JZK ESP-32S | Viktor’s ramblings Nov 16, 2019  · Long story short, I’ve pimped out my apartment with a lot of Ikea Smart products, such that I can control (and automate) everything from Home Assistant. While I admittedly have a love-hate relationship with Home Assistant, it is generally speaking a pretty impressive software.

How to manage VMware Server on Mac OS X with VNC | Viktor ... Oct 24, 2010  · VMware Server is a great product. It’s free and works well with most guest operating systems. However, there is one major drawback – you cannot use the ‘console’ app on Mac OS X. For some strange reason, VMware decided to only make the required Firefox plug-in available for Linux and Windows. Given that Mac OS X is the OS of choice for most tech-savvy users I know, this decision …

Run your Tor Relay Node in Docker | Viktor’s ramblings Oct 16, 2014  · Tor is a project that I really love to support. In this age of increased surveillance, Tor is needed more than ever. Unfortunately, your own Tor Exit Node can put you in a lot of trouble due to the fact that Tor being used for all kinds of abuses.

Quick and dirty way of fixing NUT on pfSense 2.0RC ... Aug 27, 2011  · One of my favorite Open Source appliances is pfSense. It can turn any old machine into a very powerful firewall/router in 10 minutes or less. Also, it comes with a very handy GUI and the fact that it is based on FreeBSD makes it even greater.

Setting up Monit to monitor Apache and PostgreSQL on ... Jul 09, 2010  · Monit is a great little utility that monitors your daemons. If a daemon fails, Monit will start the daemon it will automatically restart the process. It comes in very handy if …

Notes on MongoDB, GridFS, sharding and deploying in the ... Jan 29, 2012  · The should add both replica sets to the shard. We also specified that the maximum storage each replica set should hold to 10GB. Please note that this is a soft limit, and the balancer will use this as a guideline to evenly spread the data.

Interview with John Agosta from Canonical/Ubuntu on ... Nov 26, 2019  · In this interview on remote work, I’m speaking to John Agosta from Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu). As a long-time Canonical team member, John and my paths have crossed multiple times over the years, starting when I was at a cloud company, and he was at the server division at Canonical, to more recently when he moved to the Ubuntu Core (formerly known as Snappy) side, …

Running KVM with Open vSwitch on Ubuntu 16.04 | Viktor’s ... Jan 28, 2018  · If you’re reading the KVM/Networking documentation for Ubuntu, you’ll see that the recommended way to expose VMs to the world (public or private interface) is to use a Bridge. This was what I have been doing over the years. What you do realize however is that it becomes less than ideal when the network configuration is becoming complex. For instance, imagine that you’re using two …

How to recover from random Photoshop (font) crashes ... Nov 26, 2010  · Photoshop and Illustrator are somewhat of required apps today. You realize how much you need these apps when they decide to not play ball. This have happened to me a few times, and it often relate to fonts. Photoshop simply crashes when I bring up the font tool. Given that this is probably one of the most frequently used tools, this is a pretty big deal.

Setting up a redundant NAS with HAST and CARP | Viktor’s ... Sep 27, 2010  · One of the coolest new features in FreeBSD is HAST (Highly Available Storage). In simple terms, it can be described as RAID1 (mirror) over TCP/IP (similar to DRBD on Linux, but native). You can simply have two physical nodes replicate data over the network. If you throw in CARP (Common Address Redundancy Protocol) to the mix, you can create a very robust storage system on commodity …

How to fix kernel_task CPU usage on macOS Sierra | Viktor ... Oct 01, 2016  · In my post How to fix kernel_task CPU usage on Yosemite, I first wrote about how a broken logic board can trigger high CPU usage from kernel_task as well as how to fix it. When El Capitan later were release, the issue remained.. Now, with macOS Sierra out, I upgraded my old MacBook Pro (8,2) as well. As expected, the issue remained the same.

Remote Work is Deep Work | Viktor’s ramblings Jun 24, 2019  · Over the last few years, two things that I’ve paid close attention to are Deep Work and Remote Work. In this article we will explore this and discover how closely these to concepts overlap.

Mental Health and Remote Work | Viktor’s ramblings Jun 19, 2019  · In recent years, we’ve started to see more people speaking out about mental health in the tech industry. This is great, as it is a topic that has been somewhat taboo in the past.

How to migrate from WordPress to Tumblr | Viktor’s ramblings Jul 24, 2014  · Generating redirects. Next, let’s do put work some Python magic. Thanks to pytumblr, this part is a breeze.. Start by fetching this file.. You need to …

How to not screw up localization on websites | Viktor’s ... Sep 04, 2014  · Poorly implemented translations ‘logic’ is something that really grinds my gear. Today I ran across the new Dyson 360 Eye and it is a case study in how to not do website translations.. Since I’m connected to a VPN in Switzerland, this is what I was presented with:

Restoring access to PosgreSQL after Helm upgrade | Viktor ... May 22, 2020  · If you’ve used PostgreSQL in Kubernetes with Helm, chance are you’ve locked yourself out after performing an upgrade. The reason for this is that if you do not specify a password explicitly using postgresqlPassword, Helm will rotate this password for you when you run helm upgrade. Not ideal. This has happened to me a few times over the years.

Using chain certificates with Nginx | Viktor’s ramblings Aug 20, 2014  · I’m a big fan of Namecheap. They offer cheap SSL certificates that does the trick just fine. For most my projects, I go for their cheapest option (usually ‘PossitiveSSL’).

So you want to build a remote company? | Viktor’s ramblings Jul 14, 2019  · Little did I know when I wrote A Decade of Remote Work that it would completely blow up. After being featured on Hacker News, the article to this day keeps driving a significant amount of traffic from all kind of sources (including Twitter).

How to upgrade FreeBSD 8.2 to FreeBSD 9.0 with Virtio ... Jan 16, 2012  · Some time ago, I wrote about how to use Virtio with FreeBSD 8.2. As I pointed out in the article, the performance was not nearly as good in FreeBSD 8.2 as it was in 9.0-RC1. Hence I wanted to get all my nodes over to 9.0 as soon as possible to take use of the massive boost in I/O performance.

Installing Windows 7 on a MacBook Air | Viktor’s ramblings Dec 08, 2013  · It’s blasphemy, I know. Why would anyone in their right state of mind do such thing? Unfortunately, people outside the tech-world, and ISV who provides them with software, are still stuck with Windows (due to ignorance or lack of choice).

How to deal with/archive an old WordPress site | Viktor’s ... Dec 04, 2014  · We all have those old blogs that we started some time ago with some grandiose vision. Unfortunately, the blog never really took off. Now it just sits there and generate a small amount of traffic every day. It’s enough to not shut it down, but not enough to invest a whole lot more resources into.

A really ugly solution to get a static path to a 3G modem ... Jan 24, 2011  · This solution is so ugly that I felt that I had to post it =). I had a problem. Whenever I plugged in or rebooted, the a 3G modem into a Linux machine, it …

How to set up syslog-ng with TLS on Logentries | Viktor’s ... Aug 06, 2015  · After using Loggly for a few years, I stumbled across Logentries (disclosure: referral link). What I was looking for was basically something that is more affordable when the volume increases, and Logentries is a lot more affordable than Loggly as you grow.

Interview with Rimas Mocevicius from JFrog on working ... Sep 20, 2019  · First out in this interview series, we have Rimas Mocevicius. Rimas is someone that I got to know from the London Kubernetes scene some time ago. He worked on Deis (before it got acquired by Microsoft) and is the co-creator of the popular Kubernetes packaging tool Helm. These days, Rimas works at JFrog and on their various Kubernetes tooling.

Viktor’s ramblings In this interview on remote work, I’m speaking to John Agosta from Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu). As a long-time Canonical team member, John and my paths have crossed multiple times over the years, starting when I was at a cloud company, and he was at the server division at Canonical, to more recently when he moved to the Ubuntu Core (formerly known as Snappy) side, as I was building ...

My presentation from Zadara Summit | Viktor’s ramblings Jul 24, 2014  · Last month I spoke at Zadara Summit.I did however, I did forget to post the speaker deck here, so here we go. My presentation deck is available here.

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