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Import the best Japanese used cars, vans and trucks with, the most reliable vehicles exporter in Japan. For more than 10 years, our experts have been selling and exporting Japanese used commercial vehicles to more than 100 countries. As we have have been players in this market for a long time, we are able to provide very competitive prices for quality-controlled products.

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Top Quality Used TOYOTA Cars for Sale at Good Prices ... Low Priced Toyota cars for sale from Japan's No.1 Commercial Car Specialist Lots of Hiace Van, Prado, Coaster, Dyna, Axio and more available!

Top Quality Used MITSUBISHI FUSO Cars for Sale at Good ... Mitsubishi fuso. Mitsubishi motor brand originates from Japan and has recorded very successful models throughout its years of production. This has earned the brand an expansive local and international market that recognizes its strong features when designing its exterior, interior, and technical aspects.

Import a Cheap Left Hand drive car from Japan ... - The S-CLASS is a 4-door sedan vehicle known as the Benz flagship model. The first model was called W116, which was the first mass-produced vehicle equipped with the world's first SRS airbag and aerodynamic performance that gained popularity as a car.

Top Quality Used MITSUBISHI FUSO FIGHTER for sale at Good ... Get Mitsubishi-Fuso Fighter 6D16|6D17 with Long chassis, aluminum body, dump and more at cheap prices from - Japan's No. 1 Commercial Car Exporter.

Buy Used 2006 Toyota Mark X GRX120 (SMZ00055) | This 2006 Toyota Mark X with the model code GRX120 was added to our stock list on December 2020. It is equipped with a 2,500cc Petrol engine and has a total mileage of 111,000km. This is a Right hand drive vehicle with AT transmission. FOB price of the vehicle is: US$498

Tips of Removing Dents from Your Car’s Door Panel - Expert ... DIY Pop a Dent on your Car’s Door Panel: If you’re ready to learn how to fix a large dent on a car door, follow the these instrucions. Step 1 Mix dish soap with water, then wet the area around the dent

Most Common Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter Problems and How to ... As we’ve shared in our Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter review, this medium-duty truck is the ultimate vehicle for tough conditions. For decades, it has been popular in several countries for …

Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa Review | Expert Maintenance and ... Apr 02, 2018  · Built by Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation, the Rosa line is a series of minibuses launched to make transportation easy and safe. Introduced in 1960, this vehicle is now in its fourth generation and it still continues to redefine the standards for commuter and touring buses.

Troubleshooting: Common Car Noises and it's possible ... Aug 15, 2019  · We listed down some of the common car noises that cars may have and the possible issues behid them. 1. Grinding, Growling or Squealing Sounds, 2. High-Pitched Noise

Toyota Passo Review | Expert Maintenance and Buying tips ... Apr 02, 2018  · Also referred to as the Daihatsu Boon, the Toyota Passo has been in production since 2004. This little hatchback is a product of Daihatsu and Toyota’s collaboration towards creating a subcompact vehicle that’s ideal for everyday use.

Import Cheap Used Buses and Minibus from Japan | Import a city bus, school bus, travel bus or a minibus with We have Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Hino buses from Japan in stock now!

The Common Issues You Will Encounter on Your Toyota Hi-Ace ... As we’ve mentioned in our Toyota HiAce review, this van is a reliable utilitarian and passenger vehicle.It provides a world of convenience for both business owners and families. Of course, like other vehicles, it has its set of disadvantages, one of which is its size.

How to Check for Signs and Symptoms of Bad Valve Seals ... Aug 15, 2019  · Valves are essential in regulating the amount of air and fuel mixture allowed in the cylinders for combustion. It is true that the sleeves or guides on the valves keep the combustion gases from passing through them.

How to Remove and Replace the Tires of your Hiace Van ... Mar 17, 2021  · Generally, a Hiace van is a commercial workhorse. So, if you own one, chances are you use it for deliveries or for transporting passengers all-day-long. No matter how excellent the Toyota Hiace specifications are, the vehicle’s tires can blow anytime, anywhere. So, it is important that you know how to change your van’s tire in the event of an emergency or a breakdown.

Top Quality Used TOYOTA PRADO for sale at Good Prices | 92 ... Toyota Prado. This model is classified as the “light duty” vehicle in the LANDCRUISER series. It was introduced to the market as a spin-off of the LANDCRUISER 70.

Toyota Probox Review: Reliable Utility Wagon - Expert ... Apr 02, 2018  · When Toyota released the Probox line in 2002, it shared similar features from its predecessor, the Toyota Succeed. People could purchase two-wheel drive versions of the Probox in 1300cc. On the other hand, the 1500cc version was available in both the 2WD and 4WD.

Importing Cars to Europe - What you need to know about ... Mar 12, 2020  · Homologation is the process which requires imported vehicles to comply with safety and other regulations before they can be approved for registration in Europe.

[Updated 2019] Trickle Charger: How to Use Guide and FAQ ... Jun 25, 2020  · Yes. You can use a trickle charger (around 1 amp) to charge any lead acid battery regardless if it has removable caps or is sealed. Some articles state to connect the ground lead to some part of the vehicle ground system and not the battery.

How Much Transmission Fluid Should I Add? - Expert ... One of the basic things that every first-time car owner should know is the right usage of transmission fluid. When you do not pay attention to it, you are facing …

Complete Import Tax and Regulations for used cars in ... Complete information regarding the Import Tax and Regulations in Uganda (2019). Port of delivery, Age Restritions, Car inspections, and Document Requirements are also included in this guide.

[2019] How to Convert a Vehicle from Right to Left-Hand ... Mar 11, 2020  · The price of right hand drive conversions usually depends on the make and model of the vehicle. You can expect the conversions to cost around $1,600 to $2,150

Toyota Dyna Truck's Main Specifications by Model Code ... Find out about the Toyota Dyna's specification by checking the model code. Here is a complete detailed guide on how to read the Toyota Dyna's Model code.

Buying a Hiace Van - How much mileage is considered a good ... Mar 17, 2021  · The proof is that even if the car with over 300,000 km on its odometer, it can be sold for 3 million yen in Africa.. Of course, maintenance fees, import charges, and shipping charges are included in it. However, even if the price goes up so much, there are people who buy high quality Toyota brand hiacevan hiaceminibus from Japan, so there is a high demand for used Hiace exported from Japan.

How to calculate duty on imported cars in Zambia | Aug 15, 2019  · In Zambia, the overall cost of the vehicle is influenced by a number of factors, including its age, as well as the appropriate delivery and clearance fees.

Complete Import tax and Regulations for used cars in Sri ... Complete information on the Import Tax and Regulations in Sri-Lanka(2019). Port of delivery, Age Restritions, and Document Requirements are also included in this guide.

Top Quality Used NISSAN SERENA for sale at Good Prices ... Get the best prices on Nissan Caravan Van, Serena and other models at Visit regularly for new stocks and deals

How to fix Toyota Hiace van's common door ... - Mar 17, 2021  · If you’re using your Hiace van to transport commuters, it is more likely for the sliding doors to become too stiff or broken. Throughout the day, several people slide the door open and close, handling it …

Find Cheap Used Wheelchair Accessible vehicles for Sale ... Carpaydiem is the leading exporter of used wheelchair accessible vehicles. The motability vehicles provided by us are well maintained to cater to the needs of the physically disabled.

Shift Lock Release: What You Need To Know | Expert ... May 07, 2018  · Vehicles with automatic transmissions released from the early 90s and onwards are equipped with a key-shift interlock safety feature. Whenever the shifter is placed in the Park position, the safety feature locks it there.

Toyota HiAce Van’s Oil Change and Maintenance Cost Tips ... Mar 17, 2021  · Most people who import a used Toyota van buy the vehicle primarily for transporting people or goods. After all, the HiAce has all the qualities that make it an efficient workhorse. That said, your van’s engine may be doing a lot of extra work—from carrying heavy cargo, idling at stops, and quick acceleration and deceleration.

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