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Residents - Dudley

Www.dudley.gov.uk We provide lots of services to residents within the Dudley Borough, including: planning, Council Tax, bins and recycling, housing, parking and roads, safeguarding, among many others.

Benefits - Dudley

Www.dudley.gov.uk Information regarding the different benefits options Dudley MBC has to offer, including how to make an application.

Dudley Council Plus

Www.dudley.gov.uk Our walk in centre is currently closed. Advisors are still taking calls by phone and residents can contact them on 0300 555 2345. If you are reporting an emergency, use 0300 555 2345.

Household waste recycling centre - Dudley

Www.dudley.gov.uk Do not leave home and visit the tip if you or anyone in your household has symptoms of Coronavirus.. You are now able to use this service, as long as you follow social distancing guidelines. Under the amended restrictions announced by the Prime Minister on Sunday 10 May, trips may now be made to recycling centres under any circumstance and not just where waste presents a risk of injury or to ...

New online booking system for the tip for residents and ...

Www.dudley.gov.uk Dudley Council bosses reopened the Household Waste Recycling Centre (tip) in Stourbridge on Monday 11th May for residents who had pre-booked their slot by phone.

Search for Planning Applications - Dudley

Www.dudley.gov.uk To use the Planning Search Facility you must read the notice below. This site includes only those records that Dudley Borough Council holds on computer, certain sensitive information that may relate to an application is not included and is not therefore a complete database of all information held by the Council.

Council Tax Reductions - Dudley

Www.dudley.gov.uk The Council Tax Reduction scheme, can reduce some, or all, of your council tax bill if you are on a low income (even if you own your own home). Apply for Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction online . If you are already receiving Council Tax Reduction, you must tell us about any change in circumstances that might affect your award within 21 days, such as changes in income, capital or ...

Buying your council home - Dudley

Www.dudley.gov.uk The length of time that you have spent as a tenant also entitles you to a discount on the price that you buy the property from us at. Here is some information that will help to explain the Right to Buy scheme and the costs associated with home ownership.

Council Meetings and Decisions - Dudley

Www.dudley.gov.uk Council meetings, committees and key decisions are held on the Committee Management Information System.

Pest Control - Dudley

Www.dudley.gov.uk We are a British Pest Control Association member, who provides a range of professional pest control services available Monday to Friday. We can also offer advice and guidance on most pest problems.

2021 Waste calendars issued - Dudley

Www.dudley.gov.uk Collection days remain the same for 2021, with calendars designed to remind people when to place their waste out for collection. The calendars cover collection details for grey bins (non-recyclable waste), green bins (garden waste) and recycling containers.

Council Tax - Dudley

Www.dudley.gov.uk Most dwellings are subject to Council Tax. There is one bill per dwelling, whether it is a house, bungalow, flat, maisonette, mobile home or houseboat, and whether it is owned or rented.

Building Control - Dudley

Www.dudley.gov.uk The Building (Local Authority Charges) Regulations 2010 (as amended). Regulation 12. Dudley MBC propose to increase their Building Control Fees with effect from 1st January 2021.

Bins and Recycling - Dudley

Www.dudley.gov.uk Waste Strategy. Dealing with recycling and rubbish is an important task that affects everyone living in Dudley borough. Our waste strategy sets out planned improvements in waste management services, along with the mechanisms for achieving them.

Approved Traders (The Fix-A-Home Scheme)

Www.dudley.gov.uk The Fix-A-Home scheme is a reputable list run by Dudley Trading Standards, and contains a list of approved trades people to carry out maintenance work in your home, and at a fair price.

Dudley's Big Switch

Www.dudley.gov.uk Dudley’s Big Switch is a collective energy switching scheme. It is designed to bring people together to reduce their energy bills by switching suppliers together.

Staff - Dudley

Www.dudley.gov.uk Brightideas is the Council’s employee suggestion scheme. We know that you have great ideas that can help the Council improve in many ways – whether this is a process or service improvement, a new commercial activity, a new product or service, policy change or financial improvement / cost saving initiative we want to hear from you.

Education Travel Support - Dudley

Www.dudley.gov.uk The check sheets are extremely important, and are an instruction – we must do them for every child, every day. They are designed to keep all safe – Your staff, the children on transport and at the school, the school staff, and everybody’s family at home.

Housing - Dudley

Www.dudley.gov.uk Information regarding the different housing options within Dudley Borough can be found here. This includes council housing, finding a home, and private housing.

Religious Education - Dudley SACRE

Www.dudley.gov.uk Religious education (RE) is an important curriculum subject and makes a unique contribution to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils and supports wider community cohesion.

Elections - Dudley

Www.dudley.gov.uk The review will take place over approximately two and a half years, with final recommendations submitted to Parliament in September 2018. The initial proposals for new boundaries were published on 13 September 2016, which began twelve weeks of public consultation, including holding public hearings in each region of England.

School Term Dates - Dudley

Www.dudley.gov.uk Check out the standard school term dates for schools within the borough. Please check before making holiday arrangements.

Apply for a Blue Badge - Dudley

Www.dudley.gov.uk A blue badge costs £10 and is valid for a maximum of 3 years. We are only able to issue Blue Badges to permanent residents of the borough. If you live in a different borough then please contact your local council for information about how to apply for a Blue Badge.

Revolution for Schools | Dudley

Revolutionforschools.dudley.gov.uk The Building Regulations, and associated legislation, are designed to ensure that buildings are safe, energy efficient and provide reasonable access and facilities for all.

Online Payments & Enquiries - Dudley

Www.dudley.gov.uk Pay Online . Online payments system for Housing payments (rent, garage, contents insurance, r echargeable repair invoice), CCTV Images, Council Tax, Business rates, BID …

Tree Preservation Orders - Dudley

Www.dudley.gov.uk Please see Trees in Conservation Areas for further information. In some circumstances it may also be necessary to obtain a felling licence from the Forestry Commission before felling trees. This page aims to answer some common questions about Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Areas.

How to make a claim - Dudley

Www.dudley.gov.uk The Insurers can defend or settle any legal action in your name, or in the name of any other person insured by this policy. The Insurers can recover any payment they make under the policy to anyone else at their own expense and for their own benefit and the Insurers can do it in your name or in the name of any other person insured by this policy.

Special collections (bulky items) - Dudley

Www.dudley.gov.uk The Council undertakes special collections (otherwise known as bulky uplifts) for large items from domestic premises. For a small fee, you can get rid of unwanted items quickly and easily - typically within eight working days of your request.

Halesowen Leisure Centre - Dudley

Www.dudley.gov.uk Information regarding the facilities, swimming pool, booking and prices at Halesowen Leisure Centre This centre will be closed from 5 November till 2 December 2020.

Synergy Web - Dudley

Www3.dudley.gov.uk Loading... © 2020 Servelec Education Ltd |

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Ehousing.dudley.gov.uk Welcome to the DMBC eHousing portal for council tenants. * If you wish to register for a new eHousing account please select 'Create an eHousing account'.

Dudley Virtual School

Www.dudley.gov.uk Dudley Virtual School is a team of dedicated professionals who work collaboratively to improve educational outcomes for Dudley's children looked after (CLA) …

Statement of Accounts - Dudley

Www.dudley.gov.uk The final Statement of Accounts 2019/20, for the financial year ending 31st March 2020, provide information about the expenditure and income of the Council's services for the year 2019/20 and the Council's assets and liabilities at the year end.

Crystal Leisure Centre - Dudley

Www.dudley.gov.uk Information regarding the facilities, leisure pool, booking and prices at Crystal Leisure Centre Please note this centre will be closed from the 5th November till 2nd December 2020.

Mattresses, Bed Bases, Carpets and Underlay

Www.dudley.gov.uk Dudley MBC is working in partnership with Textek to offer our residents a new service for the collection and recycling of selected bulky waste goods and materials.. For a small fee, you can recycle mattresses, bed bases, carpets and underlay quickly and easily.

Repairs and maintenance - Dudley

Www.dudley.gov.uk As part of your tenancy agreement, not all repairs are carried out by us, some repairs are your responsibility. Before you report a problem, please check who is responsible for the repair as we only carry out certain repairs. Other repairs are your responsibility.

Deprivation of liberty safeguards - Dudley

Safeguarding.dudley.gov.uk Deprivation of liberty is likely to occur when the person has little or no choice about their life within the care home or hospital and is not free to leave and is under continuous supervision and continuous control by the staff and their care plan.

Dudley Local Plan

Www.dudley.gov.uk View our local plan and Supplementary planning documents. Please note due to Covid-19 the timescales are being reviewed.


Safeguarding.dudley.gov.uk Today is Trans Day of Visibility, and it takes place annually on 31st March every year to celebrate trans non-binary people and to raise awareness of the discrimination faced by trans people worldwide.

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