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iPrice Study Says More Filipinos Are Googling 'Ivermectin ... Apr 09, 2021  · It could be a sign of people’s warped priorities. Based on current data, searches on oxygen tanks have also been rising in the first week of April, which might see a 376 percent surge in searches compared to March.

Why the Philippine Variant of COVID-19 Could Be More Dangerous Mar 23, 2021  · It is a more transmissible variant. While sequencing the genome of the Philippine variant of COVID-19, scientists noticed a crucial mutation: a spike protein at position 614 (D614G).

5 Filipino-Made Medical Apps and Websites - Nov 23, 2019  · 1| Aide. Aide is a one-stop home medical care app that brings the doctors and nurses to your doorstep. Aside from regular checkups, you can also book nurses to assist you in home treatments (like insulin injections, home birth, etc.) as well as physical therapists for the disabled and elderly.

Who Are Philip and Small Laude? - Laude Family Facts Sep 16, 2020  · Philip Laude is the scion of Candyman, the confectionery makers behind Kendi Mint, White Rabbit, Orange Kist, and Viva, while Small Laude comes from a family that at different times owned a garments export business, rice milling business, and rice trading business.

Here's How Many Leaves You Have Under PH Labor Laws Jan 02, 2018  · But wait. As with everything in law, there is fine print involved. To view the terms and conditions to your leaves, visit the website of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

A New Variant of COVID-19 Has Been Discovered in the ... Mar 13, 2021  · The world has a new variant of COVID-19, and it was first discovered in the Philippines. The Department of Health confirmed the news on March 13.

How Much Money Does the Typical Filipino Keep in His Bank ... Feb 08, 2019  · The average bank balance of most Filipinos is less than P5,000. The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)'s latest report (2017) on the State of Financial Inclusion shows 62 percent of all deposit account holders in the country only keep P5,000 and below in their bank balances.

Fitch Sees Vehicle Sales Rebounding in 2021 Dec 11, 2020  · Vehicle sales outlook for 2021. Because of this outlook, Fitch says it has revised its forecast of vehicle sales for 2021. “We now expect sales to expand by 21.5 percent versus our previous forecast of a 10.2 percent increase,” Fitch said in a news release.

Who is Gerald Bantag, The Newly Appointed BuCor Chief? Sep 18, 2019  · Bantag will succeed Faeldon, the former BuCor chief who gained infamy for releasing more than 1,900 heinous crime convicts under the Good Conduct Time Allowance (GCTA) law.Prior to his stint as BuCor chief, Faeldon was also the head of the Bureau of Customs when a P6.4-billion shabu smuggling scandal hit the agency.

The Best Men's Cologne of All Time - Dec 29, 2019  · P4,850.00 BUY. In 2007, Dolce & Gabanna's Light Blue was the scent for men. Years later, it has cemented its place in fragrances. The citrusy, spicy scent is the ultimate summer fragrance you should pick up if you just want to smell fresh.

Justice League: Watch Side-by-Side Comparisons of Snyder ... Mar 21, 2021  · Zack Snyder’s four-hour magnum opus is a sight to behold. It might have taken years to get it made, but after seeing the intricate detail, compelling storytelling, and cinematic brilliance of Snyder’s director’s cut, we know it was well worth the wait.

The Top 15 In Demand Jobs Around the World in 2021 Jan 15, 2021  · 4| Business development and sales professionals. Job titles: Sales Consultant, Sales Operations Assistant, Inbound Sales Specialist, Strategic Advisor Salary range: US$43,300 to US$105,000 5| Workplace diversity experts. Job titles: Diversity Manager, Diversity Officer, Head of Diversity, Diversity Coordinator Salary range: US$72,900 to US$97,000 6| Digital marketing …

Starlink Satellite Internet Philippines Mar 18, 2021  · Starlink is a satellite internet system from Elon Musk’s Space X. Essentially it seeks to provide internet to the most remote locations across the planet by sending data via radio signals through space instead of cables.

Volcanic Ash Alert: What Mask to Get and What to Do When ... Jan 13, 2020  · The P3 mask. The most ideal masks to get are the P1, P2, and P3 masks, also known as dust masks, often used in construction or when doing DIY projects at home. These masks are made to protect you from breathing in particles, and you can find them in construction shops.

There’s Another Snyder Cut With Joker’s “We Live In A ... Mar 22, 2021  · We knew there was something missing from Zack Snyder's Justice League, but couldn’t put our finger on it until now. Remember when the Snyder Cut trailer dropped and fans went wild after hearing Joker’s now iconic line: “We live in a society where honor is a distant memory.”

The Best Architects in the Philippines - Top Filipino ... Aug 16, 2020  · Firm: Emmanuel A. Miñana Architects Key Projects: Sta. Elena's Villa Marina, 1996 APEC Summit Presidential Villas, Accenture, Cemex, TAO Corporation, Banco Santander, Philippine Seven Corporation, Madrigal and Company, Avon, Korea Telecom, The Philippine Stock Exchange, and Lopez Sugar Corporation Awards: Haligi ng Dangal Awards and ASEAN Committee on Culture and …

The Philippines Has One of the Best Air Quality in Asia Mar 18, 2021  · “Quality air” is not really the word we’d use to describe Metro Manila’s streets. But it pays to remember that outside the capital, there are plenty of beaches, mountains, and open areas in the Philippines to make up for all the smoke-belching on EDSA.

Historic Hotels in the Philippines - Jun 18, 2019  · Opened in 1918, the Luneta Hotel was inspired by European hotels and designed by Spanish architect Salvador Farre. It is an example of Beaux Art architecture, with its posh interiors of black-and-white checkerboard floors and ornate classical detailing.

Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Philippine Economy Mar 09, 2020  · As COVID-19 continues its spread across borders, its economic impact has become more and more apparent. Travel industries, such as airlines and hotels, have been hit hard, and events continue to be cancelled left and right to prevent the spread of the virus.

Filipino Brands Making it in the International Market Jul 04, 2019  · Filipinos are global citizens. Put them anywhere and they will excel. Resilience, persistence, good work ethic and the desire to succeed not just for himself but for his loved ones make the Filipino shine wherever he goes.

The Weird History of Psychic Surgery in the Philippines Sep 17, 2019  · Despite that fact, it doesn’t take much more than a 12-year-old to doubt the medical credibility of psychic surgery, it definitely got some buzz in the ‘70s when the new age movement was at its peak and the Philippines was the mecca of the psychic surgery craze.

Richest Families in Cebu - Jun 25, 2020  · A mainstay on Forbes lists, this family, which hails from the Basque region of Spain, has a very diversified set of business interests. From trading in abaca, the Aboitizes are also involved in power, banking, food, real estate, construction, shipping, and more.

Shoppertainment Live Founder Hiyasmin Neri-Soyao Profile ... Mar 04, 2021  · Hiyasmin Neri-Soyao is perhaps best known to Filipino audiences as one of the hosts of TV channel O Shopping. Now she wears a different hat as CEO of ecommerce livestreaming company Shoppertainment Live Inc.

Personal Air Purifier: Does It Really Work? Oct 22, 2019  · A wearable air purifier is a small device typically worn like a necklace. Supposedly, the device creates a bubble of clean air around your head by continuously emitting negative ions that push pollutants away from you so you won’t inhale them.

5 Ways To Make Your Grooming Routine More Sustainable Nov 30, 2019  · Buy from eco-conscious brands. Last but not least, do your research when deciding what to stock your bathroom cabinet with. Align yourself with brands that actually practise what they preach — brands that commit to recycling, planting trees and working with renewable materials and energy sources in their production. It’s a small change, but one that can have a big effect on the future of ...

Do You Really Need a Watch Winder for Your Automatic Watch? Nov 06, 2019  · Watch winders were created based on the belief that automatic watches should always be in motion, but is this really the case? According to Gear Patrol, it isn’t necessary for the inner movement of automatic watches to perpetually function.In fact, an automatic watch that unwinds 24/7 might just lead to wear and tear, as opposed to allowing the watch to rest on a tabletop without overusing ...

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