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Microsoft Flight Simulator is a series of amateur flight simulator programs for Microsoft Windows operating systems, and earlier for MS-DOS and Classic Mac OS. It is one of the longest-running, best-known, and most comprehensive home flight simulator programs on the market. It was an early product in the Microsoft application portfolio and differed significantly from Microsoft's other software, which was largely business-oriented. At 38 years old, it is the longest-running software product line for Microsoft, predating Windows by three years. Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the longest-running PC video game series of all time.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator - The next generation of one of ... Apr 07, 2021  · Microsoft Flight Simulator is the next generation of one of the most beloved simulation franchises.

Patch Notes ( Now Available! - Microsoft Flight ... PERFORMANCE. Performance optimizations when flying close to large airports such as Dallas-Ft Worth (KDFW) Performance optimizations of server requests when in the menus and during flight

CRJ500/700 manuals - Aircraft - Microsoft Flight Simulator ... Mar 18, 2021  · In your CRJ install folder is a folder called data. Inside that is documentation. Manuals are in data/documentation.

Feedback Snapshot - Microsoft Flight Simulator Feedback Snapshot – Top Bugs #01 1128 votes | Garmin G1000/G3000 & Autopilot Related Issues | Several Releases| Sim Update 4,5,6 #02 1119 votes | Performance Degradation with 1.14.5.

SDK Documentation - Microsoft Flight Simulator Skip To Main Content. SDK Documentation. × menu-close ☰ menu

Import flight plan into Aerosoft CRJ FMS - Aircraft ... Apr 02, 2021  · I have finally figured out how to import a saved flight plan directly into the FMS of the Aerosoft CRJ. First you need a flight plan in Aerosofts .flp flight plan format. SimBrief will export to this plan. Then the file needs to be copied here: C:\\Users\\UserName\\AppData\\Local\\Packages\\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\\LocalState\\packages\\aerosoft …

VR Kneeboard now available - In-Flight Menus & Toolbar ... Mar 28, 2021  · Not sure if I’m the first to find this but I think the first kneeboard is out for VR and non VR. Thanks

FBW A320NX - No power/displays after Sim Update 3 ... Mar 10, 2021  · Anyone else having issues with the FlyByWire A32NX after the latest update (Sim Update 3)? From C&D, you can engage EXT power and can hear the blowers spinning up and so on, however no displays turn on, no battery readings, no audio from fire tests, APU doesn’t start etc. Totally impossible to start the aircraft… like it’s not getting any power despite it appearing to do so. I’ve tried ...

CRJ and Thrustmaster Airbus Throttle Issues - Aircraft ... Mar 16, 2021  · Anyone having issues with the CRJ and no throttle response? I am using the TCA thrustmaster Airbus pack, and my throttle does not work with the new CRJ.

Development Roadmap - Microsoft Flight Simulator Development Roadmap APRIL April 1st: Feedback Snapshot SDK Update 3rd Party Update April 8th: Feedback Snapshot SDK Update 3rd Party Update April 15th: Trailer (World Update IV) …

Where can I download SimConnect - PC & Hardware ... Nov 18, 2020  · The MSFS SimConnect is far behind P3D’s SimConnect and lacks a lot of functions. I guess P3D’s SimConnect will be superior for many years.

Thrustmaster TCA Addon issues - Peripherals - Microsoft ... Mar 25, 2021  · So I just received my TCA airbus addon and throttle quadrant and after a few hours of searching the forums I was able to fix the issues I was having with the throttle not lining up. but i cant find anything the speed brake and flaps not working properly. My issue is that when I lower the flap it goes all the way to full flaps when it should be on flaps one and the same with the speed brake it ...

Marketplace Greyed Out - Miscellaneous - Microsoft Flight ... Mar 09, 2021  · I apologize to the members here and to Asobo for the length of this problem writeup. I have edited my original post, here, for correctness and action taken. I have taken every step recommended by MSoft and fellow Flight Simulator simmers to correct Marketplace Greyed Out and missing Photogrammetry but no luck. Below is everything I know, and have done, to try and correct …

Discovery flight USA disappeared - General Discussion ... Feb 11, 2021  · Hello where is the discovery flight USA in msfs 2020 version it has disappeared thank you for your answers

"How To" for applying the workaround to fix the flaps/lift ... Feb 26, 2021  · Asobo’s post in recognition of the mistake they made with World Update 3 and the flight dynamics is vague at best, when it describes how to apply their ‘fix’. Here is said post for the uninitiated: Seriously. They are the worst instructions. Please can the helpful community here fill in some blanks: For both Windows and Steam: a list of locations for each flight_model.cfg that we should ...

Live weather is not working - Resolved Bugs - Microsoft ... Oct 21, 2020  · A couple of hours ago I checked the weather in Daytona Beach which according to the Metar was experiencing heavy thunderstorms and rain. However after loading the aircraft, weather was absolutely fine with just few clouds and the wind was calm. I checked now in another airport and the wind in the simulator was different from the wind shown in the Metar. Is the Live Weather not working?

Taxi Ribbon mod - Tools & Utilities - Microsoft Flight ... Apr 07, 2021  · I have made a Taxi Ribbon mod. It can be found here: Tiny Taxi Ribbons Thanks to Cygnifick for finding the file. Thanks to mixMugs for help and advice. Edit 12.10: Just to be clear, v0.2.1 is the latest official release and is completely free. The features in v0.4.1 has nothing to do with the ribbons itself, and is an extra bonus to the kind people donating. Features in v0.4.1: Possible to ...

CRJ and honeycomb issues - Hardware - Microsoft Flight ... Mar 17, 2021  · Hey everyone! Just bought the CRJ from Aerosoft and already running into some issues regarding Honeycom throttle quadrant setup. I managed to calibrate throttle axis and they work just fine. 1st : I use flaps axis (GZ, the last one on the right) on the A320 neo and any other aircraft I can use the whole axis and the flaps goes up and down accordingly. With the CRJ the calibration is very ...

Training missions not working for me - Bugs & Issues ... Jan 24, 2021  · MSFS installed - and I’m generally very happy. Stuttering seems to be linked to loading of new scenery as a flight progresses, but fps is good overall. My problem is with the training missions which start OK, but then go wrong. In Mission 1, the instructor stops talking after inviting me to admire the scenery and then nothing happens. The flight continues with her in control, but she says ...

CoherentUIGT.dll error - Bugs & Issues - Microsoft Flight ... Nov 10, 2020  · Welcome to the forums. As posted CTD with this library is already reported. Please use the search function and make your comments on an existing topic

Logitech Wingman Extreme 3D - Peripherals - Microsoft ... Sep 10, 2020  · I got a Logitech Wingman Extreme 3D for about 10 or 12 years now, it works perfectly fine on any other Sim. FS2020 recognizes my Joystick but i can’t map anything to the buttons. I can see the axis movement on sensitivi…

VFR Map for VR FLIGHTS! - (LEGIBLE in VR!) - General ... Feb 28, 2021  · Guys so in the past I had used FPSM for VR to have a working MAP in VR and I struggled with the small font so I did not use it much. This mod is pretty much the same but retains the FONT size and can be adjusted if you read the readme file. It is pretty epic, so much fun when flying VFR. Brief install tutorial and overview of the 5 different map types available.

[SPECIAL NVIDIA PRIZE] Weekly Screenshot Challenge: Dream ... Mar 24, 2021  · This Week’s Challenge is Brought to you by NVIDIA GeForce: Want to get away? Capture a screenshot of your dream destination or vacation in MSFS - could be areas you’ve been before, or somewhere you’d love to visit. Include the name of the location in your post so we know what you picked! Grand Prize Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Microsoft Flight Simulator Premium Deluxe Edition Rules Any …

KBOS update please - Airports - Microsoft Flight Simulator ... Jan 18, 2021  · KBOS is a major airport and is always busy on VATSIM. Could someone update the scenery for this airport and put the correct control tower in it. Please? Thank you.

Display simulation rate - General Discussion - Microsoft ... Dec 21, 2020  · Hi there, is there a way to display the simulation rate on screen? When I change the simulation rate it works, but it doesn’t tell we at which rate it simulates. Thanks in advance!

Release Notes ( Sim Update III Now Available ... RELEASE NOTES Some packages in your community folder may not have been updated and, as a result, may have an unexpected impact on the title’s performance and behavior.

VR Bang-For-Buck Performance Guide - Hardware ... Dec 23, 2020  · VR Bang-For-Buck Performance Guide: What each setting does in VR, and how it impacts your framerates. Introduction: Hey folks, I’ve done some test with VR to hopefully help some of you get the best bang-for-buck. I’ve tested all settings listed under the VR Graphics tab, and I hope that this guide will be able to help you improve performance! Disclaimer: The VR mode in Microsoft Flight ...

FlightSim-Credits - Bugs & Issues - Microsoft Flight ... Jan 01, 2021  · I was able to purchase aircraft and airports from the marketplace a few days ago, using my paypal account, but today when i tried to buy San Diego Airport, the BUY and Buy and Download buttons are greyed out, cant click on them.

a320NX update - Aircraft - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums Feb 04, 2021  · Hi there, How can I get the EFB updated version for A320nx. I have the v0.5.2 installed tom my community folder with flybywiresim downloader but the EFB is …

Low GPU Usage Fix (kinda) - PC & Hardware - Microsoft ... Nov 29, 2020  · Recently a lot of people have been reporting a issue with low GPU usage while departing/idling. I’ve done some testing and here is a somewhat-solution to the issue. First of all mess around with your V-Sync settings both in your GPU control panel and in the game. Usually turning off all references of V-Sync can help with low GPU usage. Another thing you can do is run DDU and restart …

How do you take a picture in MSFS 2020? - General ... Feb 06, 2021  · HI there, I was wondering how do you take a picture in MSFS 2020? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

MSFS Has disappeared from my PC? - Bugs & Issues ... Oct 15, 2020  · FIX FOUND: The store would no re-download to my original install drive D:, directed it to install the launcher to C:, launcher found my existing files in :D, installed update and now works.

Package failed message in content manager - Bugs & Issues ... Nov 06, 2020  · I recently have installed MSFS 2020 premium deluxe. The installation stated version 1.10.8 from the start. In the Marketplace I owned 3 packages “Premium”, “Deluxe” and “Premium Deluxe”. Probably just a funny way of preventing people buying content they already own. I downloaded Premium Deluxe and went back to the content manager. I tried to download several packages like Cessny ...

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