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The Hyperbits Masterclass | Hyperbits

Hyperbitsmusic.com Conquer advanced music production by learning how to mix and master like the pros, rapidly increase your output, improve your workflow & creativity – and have fun doing it – with fellow producers in a cutting-edge online school.

The 10 Best SSL Compressors in 2021 | Hyperbits

Hyperbitsmusic.com 1. UAD SSL 4000 E Channel. Price: $299 Review: We love UAD products, and the SSL 4000 E Channel is no exception. This plugin is an SSL channel strip, meaning we also get a suite of EQ options and an expander in addition to the famed compressor.

The 15 Best Reverb Plugins in 2021 | Hyperbits

Hyperbitsmusic.com 1. Liquidsonics & Slate Digital Verbsuite Classics. Price: $149 (or included in the Slate All Access Pass for $15/month) Type: Convolution UX: Sporting a simple interface with big knobs and no complicated settings, it’s easy to dial in amazing tones with the Verbsuite Classics plugin. It also comes with many great sounding presets to use as a starting point.

The 20 Best Studio Monitors For Music Producers in 2021 ...

Hyperbitsmusic.com PreSonus Eris E5. Price per pair: $250 Frequency Range: 53Hz-22kHz. Speaker Configuration: 2-way. Driver Size: 5”, 1.25” Why it made the list: The Presonus Eris E5s are another great pick for your first pair of studio monitors. When it comes to smooth frequency responses and a faithful high end, the silk dome tweeter of the E5s offers clarity without the high-end harshness found in ...

Our Top 10 Free Plugins For Music Producers in 2021 ...

Hyperbitsmusic.com Anyone who tells you don't need third-party plugins outside of your DAW is lying to you. In 2021, third-party plugins are necessary to get the job done when trying to create the highest caliber of professional sounding music. Here are our 10 absolute favorite, most impactful free tools we'

How to Use Reverb: The Ultimate Guide for Music Producers ...

Hyperbitsmusic.com I’ve put together a comprehensive guide for how to treat reverb like a professional. Just like anything within music production, knowing the principles isn’t enough. You must also have the right tools, and know when to use them. We’ll cover all of that!

Blog | Hyperbits

Hyperbitsmusic.com Latest from the Hyperbits Blog: frequent posts, guides, and resources for amateur, intermediate and professionals in the music production world.

Autotune Plugins: The 8 Best in 2021 | Hyperbits

Hyperbitsmusic.com 2. Celemony Melodyne 5. Price: $99-$699 depending on the version Type: Graph Interface: Not the prettiest, but gets the job done. There’s a small learning curve, but should be up and running fairly quickly Quality: Very High The groundbreaking software that introduced graph mode to vocal editing, Melodyne has become the standard tool in most studios for surgical pitch correction.

The Ultimate Guide to the Loudness War | Hyperbits

Hyperbitsmusic.com The loudness war is a very misunderstood beast.. All of us have had that moment – you know exactly what I’m talking about. Sitting in our studios, referencing a track we’ve slaved for hours and hours over, only to find that it doesn’t quite stack up to the professional tracks in your library.

The Hyperbits Creative Suite | Hyperbits

Hyperbitsmusic.com Reason #1: Most sample pack companies recreate and replicate cookie-cutter sounds and styles of the latest fad or trend. Why be original and forward thinking when it pays to copy? The Cold Hard Truth? The really sad part here is that once a trend is being mimicked with sample packs, it’s usually too late for you as a producer to make a splash in the scene with those sounds anyway.

9 Best Ways to Learn Electronic Music Production | Hyperbits

Hyperbitsmusic.com 3. Use Reference Tracks. We talk all the time about the importance of using reference tracks as you learn electronic music production because you are able to calibrate your ear against the professionals (which, need I remind you, are doing exactly what you’re doing, but on the highest levels).. Think about it — every time you sit down to create music, you have an audible, professional ...

Top 8 Entry Level Hardware Synths | Hyperbits

Hyperbitsmusic.com 1. Korg Monologue — $299 The intensity that Korg is known for at even more of an affordable price point — that’s what you get with the Monologue. Despite only having 2 oscillators, the Monologue is packed with a 16 step sequencer, the ability to save your own patches, and …

4 Stock Logic Synths You Need to be Using | Hyperbits

Hyperbitsmusic.com The stock synthesizers in Logic provide a unique suite of tools to create some high quality sounds. While often written off as inferior to third party plugins, let’s explore exactly why that simply isn’t true.

12 Songwriting Tips For Music Producers | Hyperbits

Hyperbitsmusic.com Sure, beat-making is a blast. And it’s satisfying to dial in reverb to get it to sit just right. But writing a song… that’s the real deal. That’s what it’s all about. People don’t connect with EQ and compression. They connect with stories. When we’re talking about songs, we’re in the

12 Serum Sound Design Tips You Need to Know | Hyperbits

Hyperbitsmusic.com Let’s get something straight… I’m not sure anyone could’ve predicted the impact that Xfer’s Serum has had on the entire landscape of music.. Originally released back in September of 2014, Steve Duda’s “perfect synth plugin” was immediately praised for its ingenuity and forward-thinking capabilities.

Music Production Courses | Hyperbits

Hyperbitsmusic.com Conquer advanced music production, mixing, mastering and songwriting alongside thousands of active students with Hyperbits courses, services and products.

The Ultimate Guide to Multiband Compression: Tips ...

Hyperbitsmusic.com What is Multiband Compression? If you fire up Google, the first definition you'll get for compression is the reduction of an audio signal's dynamic range.In lamen's terms, this can be done by making loud signals quieter, or by making quiet signals louder.

Ultimate Guide to Layering & Humanizing Pianos in ...

Hyperbitsmusic.com Electronic music, by nature, is digital. And when things get overly digital, productions sound flat, predictable, even boring. But that doesn’t mean we have to limit our productions to only digital sounds. In fact, using organic instruments (or at the very least, emulations of organic instruments)

Writer’s Block Isn't Real: 4 Limiting Beliefs in Music ...

Hyperbitsmusic.com Any time you feel stranded in the sea of writer’s block, know that there’s always a way out: action. You don’t write music by thinking. You write music by doing. The purpose of this article is to give you four actionable strategies to help you let go of the limiting mindsets that are developed

5 Ways to Find Your Sound as a Music Producer | Hyperbits

Hyperbitsmusic.com If you want to find your sound, there is no shortcut to putting in the hours to actually find it. “The greatest challenge as a musician isn’t finding your sound. The greatest challenge is to find your sound, and then lose it.” - Philip Glass

Mixing & Mastering Electronic Music in 2021 | Hyperbits

Hyperbitsmusic.com 3. You only check your mix on your monitors. If all goes according to plan, the music you make will be heard on every system imaginable: laptop speakers, car stereos, festival systems, club speakers, iPhones, and even some random gaming speakers that have somehow survived since the early 90s.

8-Step Finishing Checklist | Hyperbits

Hyperbitsmusic.com Finishing music is hard. In fact, I would argue it’s the most difficult aspect of the creative process. It’s just a lot easier to endlessly tweak your music than it is to confidently put the finishing touches on a song and release it out into the world. Nothing – and I mean nothing – is more

How to Use a Compressor: The End All Guide | Hyperbits

Hyperbitsmusic.com 1. Compression for Consistency. In Dynamics in Music: The Key To Emotional Productions, we talked about how change is precisely what makes any performance feel human.Many musical ideas can gain weight when their opposites are included. In a simple example, a beautiful, lightly fingerpicked guitar performance will feel more emotional by including its contrasting element — a heavier strummed ...

How to Use Reverses in Logic: 5 Creative Techniques ...

Hyperbitsmusic.com Using reverse techniques in your music is a great way to add details, to add intricacies, to add energy and movement, or even just a splash of creativity. Personally, I am a HUGE fan of using reverse sounds in my music. Again, I just see it as a cool way to put a personal spin on a melody, and on to

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