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Products | Kamraj Enterprises Scrap Metal Traders/ Indenters; Authorised Inductotherm Dealers in Pakistan; Industrial Plant Solutions & Management; Industrial News & Updates; Tata Krosaki Refractories Limited

About | Kamraj Enterprises We Are KAMRAJ Enterprises. Kamraj Enterprises Pvt.Ltd is one of the leading indenting houses operating in Pakistan and Bangladesh. To expand our network, we have the honor to exclusively represent Inductotherm: leaders in the industry of development and manufacturing of advanced technologies, products and systems for the heat-driven transformation of metals and specialty materials.

Contact | Kamraj Enterprises Contact Info. It would be our pleasure to respond to any inquiries or concerns you may have. We anticipate working with your well-regarded association.

Inductotherm Products | Kamraj Enterprises Kamraj Is the Sole Distributor of Inductotherm products in Pakistan. Inductotherm Group leads the industry in the development and manufacturing of advanced technologies, products and systems for the heat-driven transformation of metals and specialty materials.

Idealfoundries Products | Kamraj Enterprises Ideal Foundries & Engineering Works is a foundry Located in Lahore, Pakistan specializing in Casting and Machining of Auto-Parts. Ideal Foundries was established in 2010 and since then we have been manufacturing products and acting as vendors for multiple companies such as Millat, John Deer and Millat Equipment Limited.

Products | Kamraj Enterprises Schrott-Händler/Eindringkörper in Pakistan. Inductotherm Pakistan. Adani Pakistan. Industrial Plant Lösungen & Verwaltung. Tata Krosaki Refractories Limited.

Meltminder 300 Melt Shop Control And Management Systems ... Meltminder 300 Melt Shop Control and Management Systems. Our Meltminder® 300™ Melt Shop Control and Management Systems provide the highest level of melt automation technology.

Water Systems With Dry Air Coolers | Kamraj Enterprises Water Systems with Dry Air Coolers. Water Systems with Dry Air Coolers typically consist primarily of a pump, hydronic tank, deionizer and an outdoor mounted water-to-air heat exchanger. The closed-loop, air-cooled design is a simple recirculating system which provides excellent, year-round cooling for Inductotherm equipment and in climates where the dry bulb is at or below 100ᵒF (38ᵒC).

Dura Line Furnaces | Kamraj Enterprises Dura-Line Furnaces. Inductotherm Dura-Line® induction melting furnaces are designed for rugged use and high-power density melting. They offer high operational efficiency with a wide choice of capacities in a budget-friendly package.

Edge Heating Systems | Kamraj Enterprises Edge Heating Systems. Inductotherm has developed and patented a new type of Edge Heating System─UNIEDGE®─which uses an inductor that automatically adjusts to a change of strip dimensions without any movement.

Vip I Plus Power Supply Units | Kamraj Enterprises VIP-I Plus Power Supply Units. Both our original VIP-I® Power Supply Units and the new VIP-I® Plus™ Power Supply Units are suitable for a wide variety of furnace sizes, alloys and offer metal casters reliability, efficiency and guaranteed melt rates in a compact and versatile package.

Heavy Steel Shell | Kamraj Enterprises Heavy Steel Shell Furnaces. These furnaces combine the exceptional strength of a rugged steel shell with easy accessibility making them ideal for melting a wide range of metals.

Charging Systems | Kamraj Enterprises Charging Systems. With the advancement of induction furnaces and their increasingly shorter melt times, Charging Systems help maintain production speed by supplying the metal required for melting.

Channel Coating Pots | Kamraj Enterprises Channel Coating Pots. Channel Coating Pots provide good inductor refractory life making them ideal for galvanized, galvannealed and Galfan® coatings. They are also used for aluminum zinc and other aluminum alloy coatings. Inductotherm Channel Coating Pots are used by the steel industry for the continuous coating of steel strip.

Coreless Holding Furnaces | Kamraj Enterprises Coreless Holding Furnaces. Like Channel Holding Furnaces, Coreless Holding Furnaces maintain a continuous supply of metal ready to pour twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Tilt Pour Systems | Kamraj Enterprises TILT-POUR Systems. Inductotherm TILT-POUR™ Automated Pouring Systems provide flexibility in both production needs and alloy requirements in order to utilize an induction furnace for the dual roles of melting and automated pouring.

Push Out Furnaces | Kamraj Enterprises Push-Out Furnaces. Push-Out Furnaces are one option in removable crucible furnaces and have a variety of configurations. They provide nonferrous and precious metal casters with clean, compact and highly productive crucible melting systems.

Arms Systems | Kamraj Enterprises ARMS Systems. Automated systems allow foundries and melt shops to assist in the protection of their most valuable asset–their employees. The Inductotherm ARMS® (Automated Robotic Melt Shop) System is a patented concept that uses a robot to perform the hazardous operations that would otherwise be handled by a furnace operator, allowing the melt deck worker to be relocated to the control room.

Tundish Systems | Kamraj Enterprises Tundish Systems. Our unheated Automated Pouring Systems use a refractory-lined tundish fitted with a stopper rod pouring mechanism that make them ideal for applications needing quick alloy changes of gray, malleable and treated ductile iron.

Vip Power Supply Units | Kamraj Enterprises VIP Power Supply Units. VIP® Power Supply Units have the fastest melt rates from cold charge to pour. This allows them to melt more per kWh and kVA for lower melting costs and greater productivity. In its standard configuration, our VIP® Power Supply Units include an intelligent digital control board.

Multi Pour Systems | Kamraj Enterprises MULTI-POUR Systems. Our patented MULTI-POUR™ Automated Pouring Equipment and Technology truly allows you to keep pace with the fastest molding machines for accuracy, repeatability and reliability.

Coreless Coating Pots | Kamraj Enterprises Coreless Coating Pots. Coreless Coating Pots are available for all coating applications. They are recommended for multiple alloy coatings, particularly when producing aluminum zinc and other aluminum alloy coatings, as they eliminate the relatively frequent inductor changes associated with these coatings.

Pressure Pour Systems | Kamraj Enterprises Pressure Pour Systems. Our inductively heated Pressure Pour Systems are typically used for high production shops where minimal alloy changes are made.

Vip Multi Switch Power Supply Units | Kamraj Enterprises VIP Multi-Switch Power Supply Units. Inductotherm VIP® Multi-Switch™ Power Supply Units provide full and precise zoned temperature control for graphite heating applications.. VIP® Multi-Switch™ Induction Power Supply Units closely control the desired temperature over the entire hot zone with two or more multiplexed power outputs.

Graphite Heating Systems | Kamraj Enterprises Graphite Heating Systems. In graphite heating, maintaining the desired temperature profile within the susceptor is absolutely critical in order to achieve maximum productivity.

Rail Hardening Systems | Kamraj Enterprises Rail Hardening Systems. Rail Hardening systems utilize induction heating to effectively harden rails. These systems include pre-programmed ramping of power to homogenize the temperature over the length of the rail, and retractable inductor carriage for ease of maintenance.

Temporary Holding Pots | Kamraj Enterprises Temporary Holding Pots. Temporary Holding Pots are designed to quickly and easily facilitate pumping of the molten metal out of the main pot and keep it molten so that it can then be pumped back into the main pot. A small induction power supply unit provides the energy required to …

Inductotherm Products | Kamraj Enterprises Kamraj ist der Sole-Distributor von Inductotherm-Produkten in Pakistan. Inductotherm Group leitet die Industrie bei der Entwicklung und Herstellung von fortschrittlichen Technologien, Produkten und Systemen für die wärmegetriebene Umwandlung von Metallen und Spezialwerkstoffen.

Ladle Refining Furnaces | Kamraj Enterprises Ladle Refining Furnaces (LRF) Ladle Refining Furnaces are used to raise the temperature and adjust the chemical composition of molten metal. Without LRFs, higher tap temperatures are normally required from steel making furnaces due to heat losses during refining with conventional ladles.

About | Kamraj Enterprises 我們是 KAMRAJ Enterprises. Kamraj Enterprises Pvt.Ltd是巴基斯坦和孟加拉国领先的压缩房屋之一。为了扩展我们的网络,我们荣幸地独家代表Inductotherm:金属和特种材料热驱动转化的先进技术,产品和系统的开发和制造行业的领导者。

Pre Melting Pots | Kamraj Enterprises Pre-Melting Pots. Pre-Melting Pots are available in both channel and coreless versions. These may be used for alloying including Alu-Zinc alloys. Pre-Melting Pots help to minimize the dross that can otherwise build-up in the main coating pot.

Dacxtreme Plus And Adiabatic Cooling Systems | Kamraj ... DACXtreme, DACXtreme Plus and Adiabatic Cooling Systems. DACXtreme, DACXtreme Plus and Adiabatic Cooling Systems offer added benefits. These systems share similar water cooling principals and have almost all the benefits associated with dry air cooling along with the added benefit of not being limited by the dry bulb temperature.

Mini Melt Furnaces | Kamraj Enterprises Mini-Melt Furnaces. Inductotherm offers a line of small capacity induction furnaces designed to meet the demanding requirements of investment casters and others.

Heat Recovery Systems | Kamraj Enterprises Heat Recovery Systems. Heat Recovery Systems can provide significant energy and cost savings as well as environmental benefits. Typical heat recovery systems consist of an air handler unit that acts as a water-to-air heat exchanger that provides both makeup air and heat for the melt shop.

Argon Oxygen Decarburization Refining Systems | Kamraj ... Metal Refining with Argon Oxygen Decarburization (AOD) Refining Systems. Metal Refining with Argon Oxygen Decarburization (AOD) Refining Systems allow precise gas manipulation to …

Weld Annealing Systems | Kamraj Enterprises Weld Annealing Systems. Inductotherm Weld Annealing Systems are designed to relieve the mechanical stresses in the strip after welding to prevent breakages due to …

Channel Holding Furnaces | Kamraj Enterprises Channel Holding Furnaces. Inductotherm Channel Holding Furnaces combine high productivity with economical operation and provide a continuous supply of ready-to-pour metal 24 hours a day.

Power Window Ladle Systems | Kamraj Enterprises Power Window Ladle Systems. lnductotherm Induction Power Window Ladle Systems are a true steel-shell ladle designed to be placed in an induction coil to melt, heat and/or refine the metal inside.

Lift Swing Furnaces | Kamraj Enterprises Lift-Swing Furnaces. Inductotherm Lift-Swing Furnaces are free-standing units that install right on the foundry floor. They are an excellent alternative to our Push-Out Furnaces when sub-surface conditions or foundation restrictions make it impractical to provide a pit that …

Closed Circuit Industrial Coolers | Kamraj Enterprises Water Systems with Closed-Circuit Industrial Coolers. Water Systems with Closed-Circuit Industrial Coolers have many advantages and are ideal for cooling in any climate for a wide variety of reasons, which include no condensation problems, no coolant contamination, and minimum corrosion, scaling, and electrolysis. These systems can be configured into a variety of different systems depending on ...

Vip I Power Supply Units | Kamraj Enterprises VIP-I Power Supply Units. Our VIP-I® Power Supply Units offer metal casters reliability, efficiency and guaranteed melt rates in a compact and versatile package.

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