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LeetCode - The World's Leading Online Programming Learning ...

Leetcode.com Questions, Community & Contests. Over 1850 questions for you to practice. Come and join one of the largest tech communities with hundreds of thousands of active users and participate in our contests to challenge yourself and earn rewards.

Letter Combinations of a Phone Number - LeetCode

Leetcode.com Given a string containing digits from 2-9 inclusive, return all possible letter combinations that the number could represent. Return the answer in any order.. A mapping of digit to letters (just like on the telephone buttons) is given below. Note that 1 does not map to any letters.

Network Delay Time - LeetCode

Leetcode.com You are given a network of n nodes, labeled from 1 to n.You are also given times, a list of travel times as directed edges times[i] = (u i, v i, w i), where u i is the source node, v i is the target node, and w i is the time it takes for a signal to travel from source to target.. We will send a signal from a given node k.Return the time it takes for all the n nodes to receive the signal.

Last Stone Weight - LeetCode

Leetcode.com We have a collection of stones, each stone has a positive integer weight. Each turn, we choose the two heaviest stones and smash them together.Suppose the stones have weights x and y with x <= y.The result of this smash is:

Keys and Rooms - LeetCode

Leetcode.com There are N rooms and you start in room 0.Each room has a distinct number in 0, 1, 2, ..., N-1, and each room may have some keys to access the next room.. Formally, each room i has a list of keys rooms[i], and each key rooms[i][j] is an integer in [0, 1, ..., N-1] where N = rooms.length.A key rooms[i][j] = v opens the room with number v.. Initially, all the rooms start locked (except for room 0).

Longest Increasing Path in a Matrix - LeetCode

Leetcode.com Given an m x n integers matrix, return the length of the longest increasing path in matrix.. From each cell, you can either move in four directions: left, right, up, or down. You may not move diagonally or move outside the boundary (i.e., wrap-around is not allowed).. Example 1: Input: matrix = [[9,9,4],[6,6,8],[2,1,1]] Output: 4 Explanation: The longest increasing path is [1, 2, 6, 9].

Reconstruct Itinerary - LeetCode

Leetcode.com You are given a list of airline tickets where tickets[i] = [from i, to i] represent the departure and the arrival airports of one flight. Reconstruct the itinerary in order and return it. All of the tickets belong to a man who departs from "JFK", thus, the itinerary must begin with "JFK".If there are multiple valid itineraries, you should return the itinerary that has the smallest lexical ...

Partition Labels - LeetCode

Leetcode.com A string S of lowercase English letters is given. We want to partition this string into as many parts as possible so that each letter appears in at most one part, and return a …

Pacific Atlantic Water Flow - LeetCode

Leetcode.com Given an m x n matrix of non-negative integers representing the height of each unit cell in a continent, the "Pacific ocean" touches the left and top edges of the matrix and the "Atlantic ocean" touches the right and bottom edges.. Water can only flow in four directions (up, down, left, or right) from a cell to another one with height equal or lower. ...

Russian Doll Envelopes - LeetCode

Leetcode.com You are given a 2D array of integers envelopes where envelopes[i] = [w i, h i] represents the width and the height of an envelope.. One envelope can fit into another if and only if both the width and height of one envelope is greater than the width and height of the other envelope.

Advantage Shuffle - LeetCode

Leetcode.com Given two arrays A and B of equal size, the advantage of A with respect to B is the number of indices i for which A[i] > B[i].. Return any permutation of A that maximizes its advantage with respect to B.

Valid Anagram - LeetCode

Leetcode.com Given two strings s and t, return true if t is an anagram of s, and false otherwise.. Example 1: Input: s = "anagram", t = "nagaram" Output: true Example 2: Input: s = "rat", t = "car" Output: false Constraints: 1 <= s.length, t.length <= 5 * 10 4; s and t consist of lowercase English letters.; Follow up: What if the inputs contain Unicode characters? How would you adapt your solution to such ...

Closest Dessert Cost - LeetCode

Leetcode.com You would like to make dessert and are preparing to buy the ingredients. You have n ice cream base flavors and m types of toppings to choose from. You must follow these rules when making your dessert: There must be exactly one ice cream base.; You can add one or more types of topping or have no toppings at all.; There are at most two of each type of topping. ...

Maximum Number of Events That Can Be Attended - LeetCode

Leetcode.com Given an array of events where events[i] = [startDay i, endDay i].Every event i starts at startDay i and ends at endDay i.. You can attend an event i at any day d where startTime i <= d <= endTime i.Notice that you can only attend one event at any time d.. Return the maximum number of events you can attend.. Example 1: Input: events = [[1,2],[2,3],[3,4]] Output: 3 Explanation: You can attend ...

Binary Trees With Factors - LeetCode

Leetcode.com Given an array of unique integers, arr, where each integer arr[i] is strictly greater than 1. We make a binary tree using these integers, and each number may be used for any number of times. Each non-leaf node's value should be equal to the product of the values of its children.

Capacity To Ship Packages Within D Days - LeetCode

Leetcode.com A conveyor belt has packages that must be shipped from one port to another within D days.. The i th package on the conveyor belt has a weight of weights[i].Each day, we load the ship with packages on the conveyor belt (in the order given by weights).We may not load more weight than the maximum weight capacity of the ship.

Generate Random Point in a Circle - LeetCode

Leetcode.com Given the radius and the position of the center of a circle, implement the function randPoint which generates a uniform random point inside the circle.. Implement the Solution class:. Solution(double radius, double x_center, double y_center) initializes the object with the radius of the circle radius and the position of the center (x_center, y_center). ...

Map of Highest Peak - LeetCode

Leetcode.com You are given an integer matrix isWater of size m x n that represents a map of land and water cells.. If isWater[i][j] == 0, cell (i, j) is a land cell.; If isWater[i][j] == 1, cell (i, j) is a water cell.; You must assign each cell a height in a way that follows these rules: The height of each cell must be non-negative.

Validate Stack Sequences - LeetCode

Leetcode.com Given two sequences pushed and popped with distinct values, return true if and only if this could have been the result of a sequence of push and pop operations on an initially empty stack.

Word Subsets - LeetCode

Leetcode.com We are given two arrays A and B of words. Each word is a string of lowercase letters. Now, say that word b is a subset of word a if every letter in b occurs in a, including multiplicity.For example, "wrr" is a subset of "warrior", but is not a subset of "world". Now say a word a from A is universal if for every b in B, b is a subset of a.. Return a list of all universal words in A.

Minimum Domino Rotations For Equal Row - LeetCode

Leetcode.com In a row of dominoes, A[i] and B[i] represent the top and bottom halves of the i th domino. (A domino is a tile with two numbers from 1 to 6 - one on each half of the tile.) We may rotate the i th domino, so that A[i] and B[i] swap values.. Return the minimum number of rotations so that all the values in A are the same, or all the values in B are the same.. If it cannot be done, return -1.

Design Underground System - LeetCode

Leetcode.com Implement the UndergroundSystem class:. void checkIn(int id, string stationName, int t) A customer with a card id equal to id, gets in the station stationName at …

Remove Nth Node From End of List - LeetCode

Leetcode.com Given the head of a linked list, remove the n th node from the end of the list and return its head.. Follow up: Could you do this in one pass? Example 1: Input: head = [1,2,3,4,5], n = 2 Output: [1,2,3,5] Example 2: Input: head = [1], n = 1 Output: [] Example 3: Input: head = [1,2], n = 1 Output: [1] Constraints: The number of nodes in the list is sz.; 1 <= sz <= 30

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