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Hobie Mirage ® ® Outback Manual 10 MirageDrive Instruction Reverse From the forward position, pull the right handle to shift the drive into reverse. (This is the longer handle of the two) Shifting with

Owner Guide Powered by - Hobie Welcome to the world of Power-Pole ®, the original shallow water anchor. C ongratulations on your purchase of a Power-Pole® MICRO shallow water anchor. This all-new, all-electric wonder is the fi rst of its kind – a super-

Hobie 16 Owners Manual 8 Handling and Maintenance Before sailing, check the following points : 1/ Install the drain plugs (if any) – do not overtighten, hand tight is suf-ficient. Overtightening may cause the drain plug flange to distort and

= HOBIE 17 1. Rear Crossbar 10. Trampoline Lace Line 16. White Teflon Rudder 2. Right 17 ,Hull (Starboard) 11. Trampoline Corner Tie Pin Bearings (6) 3.

HOBIE-TRAILEX ALUMINUM TRAILERS 32 BEACH WHEELS / COVERS BLuE TRAx The “hard wheeled” version of the all time favorite catamaran beach dolly. Wheels that never need air so they won’t go flat. Features the same needle bearings as the Cat Trax. Light weight.

Hobie Twist-n-Stow Rudder System Repair Manual Rudder Up / Down System First we will take a look at what the up / down control lines do, then how they route inside the hull. The following diagram shows just the …

#3156 MAST STEPPER III - Hobie #3156 MAST STEPPER III #3156 / Page 1 of 4 To ensure proper operation, read these instructions carefully and completely before using the Mast Stepper III. The Mast Stepper III can be used with your Hobie Getaway catamaran on or off the trailer.

Hobie 16 Sail Pattern Guide Aug 15, 2013  · 2 SPECIAL PUBLICATION Lt. Blue / Dk. Blue Red / Gold Banana Flamer Orchid 1970 – 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 Spirit of ‘76 Goldfi nger

Hobie Wave Assembly Manual 9 Assembly Required The Club Wave incorporates a Hobie standard three-piece trampoline assembly with lace lines in the center of the rear trampoline.

Hobie Miracle 20 Background: It's really a miracle! And racers around the world would agree that the Hobie Miracle 20 is a step above all other production catamarans.

#38040011 - WAVE BACKREST - Hobie #38040011 - WAVE BACKREST #38040011 / Page 1 of 1 The Wave Back Rest Assembly is shipped complete, ready to assemble to the boat. The cross bars must be …

Hobie Getaway Assembly Manual 10 Assembly Required Lace Forward Trampoline Slide the lace rod into the forward trampoline pockets. Tie the laceline to the eyelet. Pass the line through the grommet in the trampoline.

PARTS GUIDES HOBIE 17 / 17 SPORT 57 h17 sport mast assy. & downhaul eye strap 31470001 micro block h224 stopper knob 52721111 clam cleat, alum. 61070010 sheave h160 (3) spacer 52411001 clevis pin

1 (800) HOBIE - 49 www.hobiecat For your nearest HOBIE dealer or for help and information call: 1 (800) HOBIE - 49 or visit us as HOBIE CAT COMPANY 4925 Oceanside Blvd.

#3179 - MOTOR MOUNT HOBIE 16. #3179 / Page 1 of 5 #3179 - MOTOR MOUNT HOBIE 16. #3179 / Page 2 of 5 Step 7. To go from the storage position (top figure 7) to a run position (figure 8&9). This procedure should be done in the water and on the boat.

HOBIE CLUB WAVE PARTS 42 sailing parts & accessories replacement hull - left 39010001 replacement hull - right decals -39020001 ball 50212301 post (threaded) 38170001 mast step casting 38171001

Hobie 14 / 16 Trampoline Lace Instruction Hobie 14 / 16 Trampoline lacing instruction. Based on new trampoline (2009) that has a grommet on the aft / outboard edge of left and right sides.

THE MAST STEPPER(All Cats) #3152 / Page 1 of 2 - Hobie #3152 - THE MAST STEPPER(All Cats) The most important consideration in using the MAST STEPPER is proper initial installation. Please follow the instructions carefully.

HOBIE STAND UP PADDLE COLLECTION Hobie Alter - 1962 3 HBE VAT Building high quality, high performance boards is something we have done for over 60 years. Hobie Alter’s genius and innovation has helped shape and change an entire

Compass Parts Guide - Hobie Compass Parts Guide. Bow Mesh, Compass 81701007. Up/Down Cleat 81417 Screw 8030111. T-Handle 81408101 Insert UP 81406101. Drain Plug 10091000. Compass Seat

Sail Kit - Hobie Congratulations on purchasing the Hobie Sail Kit. Follow these simple instructions and you'll be out and sailing in minutes. If you are using this kit for your Tandem

Hobie Mirage Adventure Island MAST The mast is a two-piece design for easy trailering and storage. HULLS The Adventure Island hulls are constructed from Polyethylene. Polyethylene provides an

Hobie Mirage Passport Parts Guide Mirage Passport 10.5 Handle Assembly 77800054 HCWW Gold Dome Decal 72542001 Padeye Hook 77800058 Mirage Well Top Assembly 77800051 Mirage Well Bottom Assembly

Hobie Mirage Hobie® Mirage® Passport 10.5 Parts Guide PN 81701017 REV 180320 Hobie Cat Company Holding Company Oceanside, California, USA 1-800-HOBIE-49 Hobie Cat Australasia

#80200000 - H14, TURBO RIGGING KIT. - #80200000 - H14, TURBO RIGGING KIT. #80200000 / Page 3 of 6 Attach the Bridle Wires to the shackles on the bow tangs. The Jib Furling Assembly is attached to …

Mirage Tandem Island - Hobie MAST The mast is a two-piece design for easy trailering and storage. HULLS The Tandem Island's main and ama hulls are contructed from Polyethlene, prividing an extremely durable hull that is highly

Hobie Mirage In 1950, Hobie’s dream was born in his parents’ garage when he decided to apply his love of woodworking to the sport of surfing. Dad backed out the Buick...

Hobie Cat Line Guide Hobie Cat Line Guide (page 3 of 5) HOBIE 18 & 18SX Mainsheet Line 7/16" Spun Braid x 48' 1 ea. Jibsheet Line 5/16" Spun Braid x 44' 1 ea. Main Halyard Line - 18 3/16" Halyard x 58' 1 ea.

08 05-06 Hotline Color 4 MAY / JUN 2008 World Championships F-18 Worlds ( July 5–11 Nigrán, Pontevedra, ESP North American Championships Hobie 20 June 3–7 Yankton, SD Hobie 17 / Hobie 18 / Tiger August 25–29 Harrison, BC H-14, H-16 Women / Youth September 5–7 Clear Lake, IA Hobie 16 September 8–12 Clear Lake, IA Area Championships

Hobie Kayak Sail Furler Kit 2 1. Furler Assembly 2. Furler Line Assembly 3. 7/64” Allen Wrench 4. Pad Eye 5. Eye Post 6. Fairlead Installation Slide furler assembly up the

Hobie Kayaks - Mirage Outfitter With its innovative design features (patents pending), and building on the success of the Hobie Mirage Outback, the Mirage Outfitter is the kayak everyone has been asking for.

#3899-9001 WAVE JIB KIT PAGE 1 of 2 - #3899-9001 WAVE JIB KIT PAGE 1 of 2 1) Install bow spreader tangs on each bow under existing bridle wire tang as shown. Pin faces towards center. 3) With swivel cleat mounted to plate, install jib sheet jam cleat plate under existing

#2089 - 6:1 DOWNHAUL KIT #2089 / Page 1 of 1 #2089 - 6:1 DOWNHAUL KIT #2089 / Page 1 of 1 6:1 downhaul system for the Hobie 14 or 16. Screws and square nuts should be installed into the mounting plate first. Please note that some square

WELCOME TO THE 2 Packaging Layout 1. Port Hull 2. Starboard Hull 3. Back Bar 4. Boom 5. Tiller Cross Bar 6. Front Bar 7. Battens 8. Rigkit Box #1

Sail Rudder – Hobie Mirage Adventure Island and Tandem Island Transport: Here are two choices of rudder position during transport. Depending on the mode of transport and user’s preference; (1) Rudder installed and locked in up position: Raise and hold the rudder using the up-control line and wedge cleat.

Compass Side Carry Handle Kit - Hobie Compass Side Carry Handle Kit Part Number 71190031 Kit Contents: (2) Side Carry Handles (4) Screw 10-32 x 1” PHMS (4) Nut 10-32 Nylock (4) Washer #10 x 0.625”

H20 mIRAClE tRAmpOlInEH20 REPLACEMENT HULL-P 62 HOBIE 20 H20 mIRAClE JIB FURlInG kIt UPPER foRESTAy 40810011 Jib bLoCK ASSy. 20240001 Jib HALyARd WiRE-48661001 *Jib HALyARd LiNE RH112WHT X 23'

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