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Robust Perception | Prometheus Monitoring Experts ... Consultancy. Inundated with alert emails that no one reads and oncall pages that could wait until morning? Robust Perception works with you to improve your monitoring with Prometheus and let your staff focus on what really matters.

Using group_left to calculate label proportions – Robust ... Additional Options. group_left can take a list of labels, which will be copied from the smaller right hand side.. There is also group_right which is similar to group_left, except that it swaps the left and right hand side.To help remember which is which group_left has the bigger group of time series on the left.. Note that this post uses features that were added for the 0.19.0 release.

Creating Alertmanager Silences from Python – Robust ... Jul 06, 2020  · While shell scripting for automated tasks is common, beyond a certain point their complexity justifies a different programming language be employed - such as Python.

How much of the time is my network usage over a certain ... Let's say you wanted to know how much of the time in the last hour you were receiving over 1Mb/s, based on the average usage in the last five minutes.

How to check your prometheus.yml is valid – Robust ... Dec 03, 2018  · It's nice to check that your configuration is valid before pushing to production. Prometheus will gracefully fail to reload if there's a bad configuration, but will fail to start if there isn't one at startup.

Dropping metrics at scrape time with Prometheus – Robust ... Sep 16, 2015  · It's easy to get carried away by the power of labels with Prometheus. In the extreme this can overload your Prometheus server, such as if you create a time series for each of hundreds of thousands of users. Thankfully there's a way to deal with this without having to turn off monitoring or deploy a new version of your code.

Probing DNS servers with the Blackbox exporter – Robust ... Nov 05, 2018  · As with other probe types, DNS probes are intended to be used to run one query against many different DNS servers by Prometheus, and verify that the DNS servers are working.

Sending alert notifications to multiple destinations ... Mar 13, 2017  · The first and least error prone way is to create a receiver that goes to both destinations: route: receiver: slack_pagerduty receivers: - name: slack_pagerduty slack ...

Alerting on Down Instances – Robust Perception ... Sep 01, 2015  · Knowing which instances of your services and which machines in your fleet are no longer responding is a common requirement. Whether it's to get someone to investigate or to drive automation, in this post I'll look at how you can do it with Prometheus.

Left joins in PromQL – Robust Perception | Prometheus ... Dec 30, 2019  · PromQL doesn't have a feature called "joins", however does have "vector matching" which is a similar idea. Aside from the syntactic differences, there's also a somewhat different set of semantics in play.

Setting up Grafana for Prometheus – Robust Perception ... Nov 01, 2015  · You can use any Prometheus expression in a query, plot multiple expressions and much more. Now that you're up and running go explore more of what's possible with Prometheus and Grafana!

SNMP Monitoring with Prometheus – Robust Perception ... Prometheus isn't limited to monitoring just machines and applications, it can provide insight for any system you can get metrics out of.That includes network devices, so let's look at how to monitor SNMP.

Limiting PromQL resource usage – Robust Perception ... Dec 17, 2018  · If someone runs a resource intensive query, such as aggregating across thousands of individual time series over a long time period, it's not unknown for it to eat CPU and RAM.

Common pitfalls when using the Pushgateway – Robust ... Jobs of an ephemeral nature are often not around long enough to have their metrics scraped by Prometheus. In order to remedy this the Pushgateway was developed to allow for these types of jobs to push their metrics to a metrics cache in order to be scraped by Prometheus long after the original jobs have gone away.

Using JSON file service discovery with Prometheus – Robust ... It's not possible for Prometheus to support every possible environment, and attempting to do so out of the box would make things rather unwieldy. Instead in a number of places we offer ways for you to hook in and provide the functionality you need. One of those is service discovery, where file-based discovery lets you have your configuration management, a cronjob or whatever else you'd like ...

New Features in Prometheus 2.8.0 – Robust Perception ... Mar 18, 2019  · The biggest change in this release is that remote write now works via the WAL, making it more reliable and resource usage more predictable. Another improvement is that the TSDB now supports compacting overlapping blocks, which will be used by future features to enable bulk import.

Common Query Patterns in PromQL | Robust Perception A histogram also contains a _sum and _count, so the summary query from above will work here too._sum and _count, so the summary query from above will work here too.

Shutting down Prometheus – Robust Perception | Prometheus ... Jun 18, 2018  · If not shutdown cleanly Prometheus should in theory be able to recover gracefully at startup, however it may take longer or you might hit an obscure bug somewhere in the software stack which causes you problems.

Monitoring directory sizes with the Textfile Collector ... Nov 23, 2015  · The node exporter by default exposes metrics about filesystem fullness. Sometimes though there's particular directories you want to keep an eye on such as /var/log.There's too many directories to sanely store them all to Prometheus, but we can expose a few important ones.. Previously I showed how to use the textfile collector for sensor metrics.A similar technique can be used to track ...

Reloading Prometheus’ Configuration – Robust Perception ... Dec 13, 2015  · A common question from new users is if they need to restart Prometheus every time they change the configuration. The good news is that you don't, allowing your monitoring to continue uninterrupted as your system changes.

Prometheus Middleware for Gorilla Mux – Robust Perception ... Mar 16, 2020  · If you ever find yourself wanting to use the same metric from multiple files, that's usually a sign that either they should in fact be different metrics or that the metric belongs higher in the call stack.

Why do resolved notifications contain old values? – Robust ... Jan 14, 2019  · It often confuses users as to why resolved notifications don't contain updated annotations values. Let's dig into why.

textfile collector – Robust Perception | Prometheus ... The node exporter includes many metrics out of the box, it can't possibly cover all use cases though. That's where the textfile collector comes in, allowing you …

Get alerted before your SSL certificates expire – Robust ... Sep 07, 2015  · The most common way to learn about the expiry date of your website's SSL certificate is after it has expired. The blackbox exporter combined with Prometheus can let you know well in advance, letting you renew your certificate before users complain.

Adding Basic Auth to Prometheus with Nginx – Robust ... Aug 11, 2015  · Prometheus doesn't provide authentication support in order to focus energy on making an awesome monitoring tool. Instead users can take advantage of a …

How does a Prometheus Histogram work? – Robust Perception ... Sep 30, 2019  · The histogram has several similarities to the summary. A histogram is a combination of various counters. Like summary metrics, histogram metrics are used to track the size of events, usually how long they take, via their observe method. There's usually also the exact utilities to make it easy to time things as there are for summarys.

Conntrack metrics from the node exporter – Robust ... May 25, 2020  · As metrics go, the conntrack ones don't seem very exciting. Many machines won't even have the nf_conntrack module loaded into the kernel. There's just two metrics: # HELP node_nf_conntrack_entries Number of currently allocated flow entries for connection tracking.

Using Slack with the Alertmanager – Robust Perception ... Slack Setup. The Alertmanager uses the Incoming Webhooks feature of Slack, so first we need to set that up.. Go to the Incoming Webhooks page in the App Directory and click "Install" (or "Configure" and then "Add Configuration" if it's already installed):. You can then configure your new webhook. Choose the default channel to post to, and then add the integration:

Writing a Jenkins exporter in Python – Robust Perception ... Jan 13, 2016  · The new API removes repetitive code and handles the structure of metrics for you. A minimal Jenkins exporter would expose the last time each job succeeded, giving you just enough information to alert if it was too long ago:. import json import time import urllib2 from prometheus_client import start_http_server from prometheus_client.core import GaugeMetricFamily, REGISTRY class ...

New Features in Node Exporter 0.16.0 – Robust Perception ... The Node exporter is one of the oldest exporters, and thus it doesn't always follow best practices that have emerged in the past few years. This is something that we've wanted to fix for quite some time, and it is finally the case with with 0.16.0.

Deleting time series from Prometheus – Robust Perception ... Sep 03, 2018  · Whether it's a mistake in your relabelling rules or an incorrectly exposed metric, sometimes you want to remove data from Prometheus and …

relabel_configs vs metric_relabel_configs – Robust ... Apr 03, 2017  · It's not uncommon for a user to share a Prometheus config with a valid relabel_configs and wonder why it isn't taking effect. This is often resolved by using metric_relabel_configs instead (the reverse has also happened, but it's far less common). So …

Why does Prometheus use so much RAM? – Robust Perception ... Sep 07, 2020  · More than once a user has expressed astonishment that their Prometheus is using more than a few hundred megabytes of RAM. A few hundred megabytes isn't a lot these days.

Prometheus query results as CSV – Robust Perception ... Oct 31, 2016  · The default JSON output isn't always what you want when querying Prometheus. Let's see how to get out CSV files.

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