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Serious Eats is a website and blog focused on food enthusiasts, created by food critic and author Ed Levine. A book was published by Levine in 2011. Serious Eats was acquired by Fexy Media in 2015 and then by Dotdash in late 2020.

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Serious Eats: The Destination for Delicious | Serious Eats Serious Eats is the destination for delicious food, with definitive recipes, trailblazing science, and essential guides to eating and knowing all about the best food, wherever you are.

Slow Cooker Recipes | Serious Eats Slow Cooker Recipes. When you literally do have all day, these set-it-and-forget-it recipes for time-consuming dishes like braised short ribs, pulled pork, and beef stew will …

The Best Chicken Parmesan Recipe | Serious Eats Sep 25, 2014  · Even at its worst, classic Italian-American chicken parmesan is pretty darn good. So how do you go about perfecting it? Our recipe has a buttermilk-based brine for maximum juiciness and tenderness. Tons of Parmesan cheese in our breading—along with a small drizzle of buttermilk— improves its flavor and texture. Our sauce is a slow-cooked, rich red sauce, and a mixture of fresh …

Ultimate Baked Potato Recipe | Serious Eats Oct 07, 2016  · If Using Only the Oven (see note): Preheat oven to 375°F (190°C). Using a fork or paring knife, puncture potatoes in several spots. Rub each potato with a light coat of oil. Arrange on a rack set on a baking sheet, or directly on an oven rack, and bake until a fork can easily be inserted into the center of each potato, about 1 hour.

The Best Ways to Cook Octopus | Serious Eats Sep 17, 2019  · People have a lot of anxiety about being able to cook octopus until it's sufficiently tender, but this anxiety is misplaced. There's no need for tricks, you just have to cook it long enough. How long depends on the method you're using. Here we explore a variety of methods, including sous vide, pressure cooker, and stovetop.

How to Cook Juicy Sous Vide Shrimp | The Food Lab ... Sep 17, 2019  · People have a lot of anxiety about being able to cook octopus until it's sufficiently tender, but this anxiety is misplaced. There's no need for tricks, you just have to cook it long enough. How long depends on the method you're using. Here we explore a variety of methods, including sous vide, pressure cooker, and stovetop.

Broccoli Cheese Soup Recipe | Serious Eats Oct 13, 2016  · In the world of cheaty foods, broccoli cheese soup has always seemed like one of the cheatiest. There's nothing wrong with owning it: Cheese is delicious, and not every single lunch has to be virtuous. Still, I sometimes wish that the broccoli part of the whole thing was taken a little more seriously, if only for the purely selfish reason that I love broccoli.

Wellesley Fudge Cake Recipe | Serious Eats Jul 30, 2012  · Wellesley Fudge cake, a deeply decadent chocolate cake topped with a slab of fudge frosting, seems an unlikely sweet to associate with the prim-and-proper ladies of Wellesley (the college featured in the classic feat of cinema Mona Lisa Smile). But it's true: fudge, and the cake, both have strong ties to ladies' colleges.

Quick Dinner Recipes | Serious Eats Quick Dinner Recipes. Simple savory recipes that take an hour or less to make, for nights when you need dinner in a hurry.

Pressure Cooker Recipes | Serious Eats Pressure Cooker Recipes. Got a pressure cooker or multi-cooker, like the Instant Pot? Put it to work with our favorite recipes for quick soups, stews, sauces, stock, and more.

How to Improve Bottled Barbecue Sauce | Serious Eats Aug 28, 2013  · I'm open with proselytizing homemade barbecue sauce—I contend that what comes out of the kitchen is likely to kick the ass of most bottled sauces anyday. Conversion doesn't come easy, though. I know that when it comes to choosing a long list of ingredients and a half-hour cook time versus a five-minute trip to store with a few dollars for the bottled stuff, the latter usually wins out.

Butter-Basted Sous Vide Halibut Recipe | Serious Eats Sep 22, 2016  · Halibut aren't terribly fun to fish (think: reeling up a 200-pound bath mat through hundreds of feet of icy-cold water), but man, are they delicious! Firm yet flaky, with a heartier texture and flavor than other widely available white fish on the market. Halibut cooks more like a thick steak—well-browned and -crusted on the outside, with a juicy, tender center. And, just like with a steak ...

5 Minute Fudgy Chocolate Microwave Cake Recipe | Serious Eats Jan 05, 2014  · One Bowl Baking. Great baked goods don't necessarily require multiple pots and pans. These easy recipes require just one bowl, which means less time, less clean up, and more eating.

How to Cook Sous Vide Bacon | Serious Eats Nov 03, 2016  · I was skeptical of the idea of sous vide bacon. I generally prefer my bacon cooked completely crisp, rather than trying to get bacon that's crisp and moist at the same time. But bacon cooked sous vide overnight is the first I've ever tasted that delivers on that moist-and-crisp promise. It's crispy on the exterior as you bite into it, but it quite literally melts in your mouth, like the finest ...

Mexican Pork Recipes | Serious Eats Cinco de Mayo Sous Vide Carnitas for Tacos (Crispy Mexican-Style Pulled Pork) Use your sous vide cooker for extra-juicy, crispy, and foolproof carnitas.. J. Kenji López-Alt

Easy One-Bowl Coffee Cake Recipe | Serious Eats May 09, 2017  · For the Coffee Cake: Adjust oven rack to lower-middle position and preheat to 350°F (180°C). In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, combine sugar, butter, baking powder, salt, and vanilla. Mix on low to moisten, then increase speed to medium and cream until soft and light, about 10 minutes.

Gourmet Magazine: Archives Online c.1940-To-Date | Serious ... Beef Perfect Prime Rib. Start low and slow in the oven and finish at 500°F for the juiciest, most flavorful, evenly cooked prime rib roast.

19 Stale Bread Recipes | Serious Eats Jun 11, 2020  · Also referred to as “white gazpacho,” ajo blanco is made with bread, almonds, garlic, olive oil, and a splash of vinegar. That’s right—no dairy's needed …

Meatballs | Serious Eats Meatballs. Sometimes a meatball can change your life. Other times, they're just really, really delicious. This week we're celebrating meatballs from around the world.

Asparagus, Mushroom, Leek, and Cheese Galette Recipe ... May 30, 2019  · Adjust oven rack to lower-middle position and preheat to 400°F. Spread asparagus-leek mixture on prepared dough round, leaving about a 2-inch border of dough all around.

Easy, Herb-Packed Falafel Recipe | Serious Eats Mar 28, 2016  · Falafel often has good flavor, but a pasty, heavy texture. What I'm after is falafel that's shatteringly crisp on the outside and light, fluffy, almost crumbly on the inside, while still remaining very moist. I like my falafel to taste of chickpeas, but also to be packed with herb and spice flavor. Falafel that needs only simple condiments—tahini and hot sauce—to taste great.

Pasta al Sugo Finto (Pasta With Tuscan Vegetable Ragù ... Mar 09, 2021  · In a large Dutch oven, heat 2 tablespoons (30ml) oil over medium heat until shimmering. Add onion, season lightly with salt, cover, and cook until softened and translucent but not browned, about 10 minutes, lowering heat as needed to prevent browning.

Barbecue: Pastrami Recipe | Serious Eats Oct 14, 2011  · Fire up smoker or grill to 225°F, adding chunks of smoking wood when at temperature. When the wood is ignited and producing smoke, place brisket in, fat side up, and smoke until an instant read thermometer registers 165 degrees when inserted …

10 Sweet and Tangy Buttermilk Dessert Recipes | Serious Eats Aug 12, 2019  · Buttermilk contributes a great deal of tenderness and flavor to some of our favorite savory recipes—like fried chicken, flaky biscuits, and creamy dressings—but its acidity and rich, thick texture also make it a wonderful addition to many desserts. Because buttermilk is so thick, you can use quite a lot of it without turning biscuits into pancakes, or creating a watery cake batter.

The Food Lab's Creamed Spinach Recipe | Serious Eats Oct 21, 2015  · The bare bones of this creamed spinach recipe are pretty straightforward and classic: The spinach is cooked low and slow to gradually concentrate its juices. Combined with a creamy béchamel sauce, it reduces into a rich, thick coating with a near pudding-like texture. The only minor embellishments I include here are a doubling-up of the alliums and a last-minute shot of crème fraîche …

Pasta Burro e Alici (Pasta With Creamy Anchovy-Butter ... Feb 19, 2021  · For the Toasted Breadcrumbs: If using fresh or lightly stale bread, adjust oven rack to middle position, and preheat oven to 325°F (165°C). (If using fully stale and dried bread, skip baking step.) Arrange bread in single layer on rimmed baking sheet, and …

Pasta e Ceci (Pasta With Chickpeas) Recipe | Serious Eats Mar 05, 2021  · If using cooked dry chickpeas: Stir in 1 cup (170g) chickpeas and 1 cup (240ml) chickpea cooking liquid. Using a potato masher or wooden spoon, mash chickpeas against the sides and bottom of the pot until completely broken down.

St. Patrick's Day Wines: What to Drink with Corned Beef ... Mar 12, 2010  · Skip the green beer this St. Patrick's Day. We asked three wine professionals to recommend wines to pair with traditional Irish dishes. They range from Oregon Pinots to French Syrahs and even Champagne.

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