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What is Statute, Expiry of Statutes ... - SRD Law Notes What is Statute, Expiry of Statutes, Effects of Expiry of Statute. "A Statute is a formal written enactment of Legislative authority that governs a country, state, city or county. In Simple words, it is the Law, Enactment, Act. There are Several Types of Statutes, Such as Temporary Statute, Perpetual Statute, Consolidating Statute, Codifying ...

Contempt of Courts by Lawyers - SRD Law Notes The lawyer has to discharge certain duties towards the Court. But sometimes because of the nature of duties, the lawyers and judges may get into heated dialogue which may result in contempt of court. Contempt by lawyers is the most pertinent problem before the Courts these days. There are several instances of misconduct, which have been taken ...

Termination of Treaties - SRD Law Notes 2) Where the main purpose/object of the treaty is fulfilled : In case of treaties imposing no continuing obligations, they cease to operate on the fulfillment of the object. 3) Termination by Mutual Consent : It is an outcome of consensus. Treaty comes into existence by the consent of the party State. So it can come to an end by mutual Consent.

Concept and role of Bar-Bench Relation with Reference to ... The Bar and Bench play important role in the administration of justice. According to Justice C.L. Anand, there is no office in the State of such power as that of the Judge. Judges hold power which is immensely greater than that of any other functionary. The common people's life, and liberty, personal domestic happiness, property, and reputation ...

The Concepts of Wages | Labor Law - SRD Law Notes The concept of "Living wage" is the wage rate which prevails in most of the economically advanced Countries. The term Living Wage has not been defined under the Minimum wages Act, 1948. South Australian Act of 1912 defines it as 'Living Wage means a sum sufficient for the normal and reasonable needs of the average employee living in a locality ...

M.Veerabhadra Rao Vs. Tek Chand (Professional misconduct ... Sep 25, 2019  · Tek Chand (Professional misconduct) M.Veerabhadra Rao Vs. Tek Chand -. The appellant M.Veerbhadra Rao attested an affidavit which appears to be a forged one and which was used to obtain an unfair advantage by income tax clearance certificate on the strength of Ex.A-1 which did not appear to be genuine one. The complainant alleged that he was ...

Advertising of Legal Profession - SRD Law Notes Bar Council of Maharashtra v. M.V. Dabholkar AIR 1976 SC 242. In this case Justice Krishna Iyer Observed on the idea of advertising of legal services in the following words, " The canons of ethics and property for the legal profession totally taboo conduct by way of soliciting, advertising, scrambling and other obnoxious practices, subtle or ...

Theories of Property | Property Law - SRD Law Notes The following are theories of property. (1) Natural law theory -. Grotius, Pufendorf, Locke and Blackstone are supporters of this Theory. According to the natural law theory, Property is based on the principle of natural reason derived from the nature of things. According to Grotius, all things originally were without an owner and whosoever ...

Consolidating statute | The Interpretation of Statutes ... 2) What is consolidating statute - It is the Statute which consolidates the law on a particular subject at one place. A Consolidating Statute is one which collects all statutory provisions relating to a particular topic in one place into one Legislative Act with minor amendments and improvements, if necessary.

Nature,origin and Developement of Human rights - SRD Law Notes The Human rights being eternal part the nature of human beings are essential for the development of individual personality and human qualities. The intelligence, talent and consciences and to enable them to satisfy the spiritual and other higher demands. Human beings are rational beings. Beings they are born as human beings, they possess ...

Objective Questions with Answers on Law Of Contracts - 22 ... A) Coercion renders a contract voidable. B) Undue influence renders a contract voidable. C) fraud renders a contract voidable. D) Mistakes of Indian law renders a contract voidable. Answer: D. 5) A and B makes a contract grounded on the erroneous belief that a particular Debt is barred by the Indian law of limitation. The contract is : A) Void.

Words of Rank | Interpretation of Statute - SRD Law Notes Jul 02, 2020  · Words of Rank rule is an outcome of "ejusdem generic". According to the rule of words of rank the Statute which deals with persons or thing, of inferior rank are not extended to those of superior degree by the introduction of general words.

Shambhoo Ram Yadav Vs. Hanuman Das Khatry AIR 2001 SC 2509 ... Shambhoo Ram Yadav Vs. Hanuman Das Khatry AIR 2001 SC 2509. This case under Advocate Act, 1961 is concerned with professional misconduct of an advocate. In this case, a complaint was filed by the appellant against the respondents-Advocate before the Bar council of Rajasthan, which was referred to the Disciplinary Committee by the State Bar Council.

Development of Legal Profession In India - SRD Law Notes The profession of law is one of the oldest and noblest professions. The person in the legal profession is called an advocate or lawyer. An advocate is an officer of justice and a friend of the court. He has to accept a brief for any man who comes before the courts and do …

Essentials of Valid Promissory Note - SRD Law Notes A Promissory note to be valid and enforceable, the following essentials are to be satisfied : 1. The Promissory note must be in writing : 2. It must contain a promise/undertaking to pay certain sum of money : 3. The promise must be unconditional and certain : 4. It must be duly signed and delivered by the maker :

Types of Statute | Law of Interpretation of Statutes - SRD ... A Statue means any Law, Act, Enactment. The Parliament is given authority of Lawmaking. According to Blacks Dictionary, "A Statute is a formal written enactment of Legislative authority that governs a country, state, city or county.In Simple words, it is the Law, Enactment, Act.

"Exchange" meaning, definition and provisions (Transfer of ... Exchange is an act of giving one thing and receiving another (especially of the same kind) in return. In simple words, give something and receive something of the same kind in return. The changing of money to its equivalent in the currency of another country.

Essentials of Arbitration agreement - SRD Law Notes 4) An arbitration agreement is in writing if it is contained in—. (a) a document signed by the parties; (b) an exchange of letters, telex, telegrams or other means of telecommunication which provide a record of the agreement; or. (c) an exchange of statements of claim and defence in which the existence of the agreement is alleged by one party ...

Syllabus of Three Year LLB Degree Course ( Pune University ... Company Law. 3. Practical Training (Moot Court, Pre Trial Preparations and Participation in Trial Proceedings) Viva, Internal. 4. Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing. 5. Optional Papers ( Any one) a) Law of Taxation. b) Banking Laws Including Negotiable Instrument Act.

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