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Vinyl Chapters: The Stories Behind The Music Welcome to Vinyl Chapters. We aim to find out the stories behind the music. Check out our photos and stories, reviews, features and more.

Original Pressing Vinyl or Reissue: Which Should You Buy ... Nov 21, 2019  · It’s a question that gets asked a lot and, to be honest, there is no definitive answer. Both an original pressing and vinyl reissues have their disadvantages and advantages, and personal circumstances also play a huge part.

I Took Part In One Of The World's First NFT Album Sales ... Mar 26, 2021  · Kings of Leon Release Their New Album As An NFT. This brings me onto my own foray into NFTs and the music world. You may have heard recently that Nashville band, the Kings of Leon released their new album, ‘When You See Yourself’ as an NFT. This has the potential to change the record industry for good and send it off in a myriad of different directions.

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis: Carnage - Review | Vinyl Chapters Feb 26, 2021  · Shafts of light peer through darkness on Nick Cave and fellow Bad Seed Warren Ellis’s Lockdown album, Carnage, a recording steeped in both the turmoil of the pandemic and the singer’s classic themes of loss, redemption and apocalypse. Nick Cave has spoken of how Lockdown has felt oddly familiar; the veteran singer-songwriter is well acquainted with isolation, loss and grief and his …

Turntable and Speaker Placement - A Guide To Setting Up ... May 14, 2020  · Stability Is Key. First off, you need to find a stable, heavy, and flat surface to put your record player on. It’s vital to place your turntable on a flat and level surface to prevent any tracking issues when your records are spinning and also prevent tonearm friction. This means your records and record player components will last much longer and also benefit from improved sound.

Passenger: Songs for the Drunk and Broken Hearted - Review ... Jan 09, 2021  · Folk phenomenon Passenger has been in the music scene since his hit single Let Her Go was released in 2012. Known for his tender love songs and politically fuelled tracks there’s no wonder his mega fans are bursting with excitement for his newest album Songs For The Drunk and Broken Hearted.. This album kicks off with Sword From The Stone, a track which reflects on his relationships with ...

Turntable Platter Mat Guide: Different Types And What To ... Jul 10, 2019  · We take a look into the different types of turntable platter mat you can buy, what qualities they possess and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Tracking Force: Setting The Correct Weight For Your ... Oct 02, 2019  · Tracking force is a pretty simple concept but can be daunting for newbies or the first purchase of a deck with a tracking force option. This article aims to give you an overall idea of what tracking force is, how it can affect the sound of the record and also guide you through the set up on your own record player.

Turntable Speed - A Guide To Measuring And Maintaining ... Sep 18, 2019  · Confused about your turntable speed? Want to learn why the speed of your records could be playing too slow or fast? This article will answer any questions you have about record player speed and ways in which you can fix any problems your turntable currently has.

Looking For Vinyl In Colombia | Vinyl Chapters I recently booked a trip to Colombia to take in its vast heritage, beautiful sights, and exciting sounds. It was also the perfect chance to discover what the country had to offer, vinyl-wise.

Justin Bieber: Justice - Album Review | Vinyl Chapters Mar 23, 2021  · Over the years, many critics and ‘non-beliebers’ have loved to hate Justin Bieber in response to his gargantuan musical success. In the past I might have argued this behaviour is symptom of jaded cynicism, but in the case of Justice I will be joining them.. Justice is not a record of 16 bad tracks.Instead, it is a mix of a handful that are half-decent, plagued by a dirge of ...

How Long Do Vinyl Records Last? | Vinyl Chapters Jan 29, 2021  · What Are Vinyl Records Made Of? It helps to know what records are made of in order to understand how long they will last. Without getting too much into the science, records are made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC).

Sven Wunder: Eastern Flowers - Review | Vinyl Chapters May 24, 2020  · Sven Wunder, the enigmatic Swedish producer, entrances with a nourishing, mind-opening and woozy synthesis of psychedelia on 'Eastern Flowers'.

Humanist: Humanist - Album Review | Vinyl Chapters In Humanist, Rob Marshall manages to procure the vocal talents of industry stalwarts to breath life into his tailored and prominent music with a message.. When writing a record based around something that means so much to you, it’s hard to let go of some of the creative decisions. This is why Humanist is such an achievement.Rob Marshall, (guitarist for Exit Calm) conceived the idea for the ...

Turntable Cartridges Explained: How They Work | Vinyl Chapters Turntable Cartridges are arguably one of the most important features of a record player. They include the point in which the needle makes direct contact with the …

New Record Pressing Plant To Open In North of England ... Apr 07, 2021  · ‘Press On Vinyl’, a brand new vinyl pressing plant, is opening in Teesside as the record industry continues to thrive during the pandemic. An upstart business named Press On Vinyl are opening a brand new pressing plant on Teeside. The three owners, Danny Lowe, David Hynes, and David Todd are music lovers with business and engineering backgrounds that wanted to combine their passions ...

Lana Del Rey: Chemtrails Over The Country Club – Review ... Mar 23, 2021  · Lana Del Rey’s sublime new album Chemtrails Over The Country Club reveals a more exposed side of the singer.. Ethereal and atmospheric, Chemtrails Over The Country Club is a nostalgic record full of airy melody lines and blossoming harmonies.Lana Del Rey proves she can pull off a falsetto just as well as her powerful trademark low notes in the opening track White Dress, which also serves …

Album Review: Luca D'Alberto - Endless | Vinyl Chapters Jun 16, 2017  · We take a look at the Italian composer’s debut record, and delve into the modern classical sounds of a rising star. Traditional wisdom has it that the classical music industry is in terminal decline, beset by an ageing demographic and cultural marginalisation, but one of the least predictable trends in the new digital music universe has been the flourishing of a significant movement in ...

Bibio: Sleep On The Wing - Review | Vinyl Chapters Jun 14, 2020  · Recorded over the space of a year in his home studio, Sleep In The Wing settles quickly into his laptop folk mode, all ambient twinkles, whispering tones and bowed and plucked acoustic guitars; it’s firmly within the grassroots lineage of British psychedelia and Arcadian paganism documented by Rob Young’s Electric Eden. On the eddying title track, Bibio lulls the listener in with a ...

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Vinyl Records | Vinyl Chapters Oct 23, 2019  · Vinyl really is fascinating. Now deemed as one of the longest surviving music formats still regularly used, we thought you might enjoy five vinyl facts you may never have known that will make you love records even more.

Enforcer: Live By Fire 2 - Album Review | Vinyl Chapters Mar 28, 2021  · What you will find on the band’s newest live release is a faithful recording of their show in Mexico City that took place in August 2019 and features a healthy dose of tracks that span the entirety of the band’s discography, with Zenith predictably getting the most representation.

Kylie Minogue: DISCO - Album Review | Vinyl Chapters Nov 10, 2020  · “Feel my heartbeat, it’s the same old feeling coming over me tonight” (Real Groove).This is a pretty accurate description of Kylie Minogue’s latest album DISCO.Admittedly, it’s an enjoyable listening experience, but mainly because it repeatedly recycles disco tropes and universal themes which are hard to dislike.

Lil Yachty: Lil Boat 3 - Album Review | Vinyl Chapters May 30, 2020  · Lil Yachty pulls out all the stops on new album Lil Yachty 3, with a strong feature list and a direction that suits the artist’s mainstream sound.. After bursting into the music scene in 2016, Lil Yachty keeps trying to prove himself after questions spiral if he can actually rap.

Flying Lotus: Flamagra Instrumentals - Review | Vinyl Chapters Jun 23, 2020  · Flying Lotus, the standard-bearer of sci-fi beats, issues an instrumental edition of last year’s collab-heavy, cosmic hip-hop opera, Flamagra, bringing expressive vision and mastery of mood to centre stage. The LA-based producer and beats wizard Steven Ellison aka Flying Lotus first pricked up tastemakers’ ears with woozy trip-hop transmissions on the pioneering Brainfeeder label, so it ...

SXSW 2021 Preview: Best of British Music | Vinyl Chapters Mar 05, 2021  · London-based singer-songwriter Anna B Savage has a depth and dexterity to her music that’s impossible not to like. Her captivating, powerful and flowing folk music has all the devastatingly candid lyrical content of Laura Marling and her keen ear for melody and gentle buildups just keep you longing for more.

half•alive: Now, Not Yet - Review | Vinyl Chapters Aug 26, 2019  · half•alive have upped the stakes for what it takes to be ‘in a band’, and their debut release Now, Not Yet shifts through musical dimensions with purpose.. Although still to draw significant attention around the world from serious music fans, half•alive are demanding us to listen.

Bluetooth Record Players: Are They Worth It? | Vinyl Chapters Dec 11, 2020  · What Is Bluetooth? In its most basic terms, Bluetooth is a method of short-range wireless connection of electronics that are compatible. It allows the exchange of data to and from devices so we can, for example, send photos, documents, and in the case of this article, music.

Busta Rhymes: Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God ... Nov 03, 2020  · After 11 albumless years, Busta Rhymes returns with Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God: the follow up to his 1998 release E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event): The Final World Front.. While the release boasts a lengthy line-up of collaborators and impressive manipulation of numerous rap styles, the overall listening experience is somewhat hit and miss and at times, overbearing.

SXSW 2021: Pushing Boundaries As An Online Festival ... Music Leads The Way For SXSW. When music is concerned, SXSW truly is the place to be. Highlighted as a place to discover new and exciting bands and musicians from around the world, you also get the chance to check out some of the world’s biggest artists, often in tiny venues.

New Music Fridays - 5th March 2021 | Vinyl Chapters Mar 05, 2021  · The third and final release of their debut EP, Swimming encapsulates the raw power and energy of Sprints as urgent riffs are belted out, vocals are spat into the mic and that sense of freedom and playfulness is ruthless. The gloom-punk sound hits like a tonne of bricks in the chorus before once again settling down into those riff-heavy verses and bolshy vocals.

New Music Fridays - 12th March 2021 | Vinyl Chapters Mar 12, 2021  · A collective of Artists and producers in LA, BNGRS create anthemic, beat-driven music that beds into your brain and refuses to leave. On Kalamba, they team up with Latashá to create a settled, lofi sound with vocals that are warm and sultry but can become more playful and take hold of the track at the drop of a hat.It’s these distinct changes that make Kalamba so interesting and will keep ...

Lucy Spraggan: Choices – Review | Vinyl Chapters Unapologetically fierce yet at the same time candid and honest, Lucy Spraggan’s genre-blending sixth album Choices is the feel-good record we’ve all been waiting for.. When we interviewed Lucy about this album back in November, she described it as ‘a diary of the last couple of years’ – years that include a divorce, getting sober, and an impressive physical transformation, so it’s ...

SXSW 2021: Music Showcases Review | Vinyl Chapters Mar 27, 2021  · Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard. Welsh rockers Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard brought back the 70s to SXSW with a wonderfully glam-rock inspired showcase. Showing off their electric energy and happy demeanor against their ‘barely old enough to be able to be away from home’ looks, they let their fantastic guitar-based music do the talking.

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