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Zendesk Inc. is an American customer service software company headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA. It is listed on the New York Stock Exchange with the symbol ZEN and is a constituent of the Russell 2000 Index. Founded in 2007 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Zendesk has 2,000 employees and serves 119,000 paying customers in 150 countries and territories as of 2017.

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Login | Zendesk

Www.zendesk.es Send reminder. Fill in your email below and we’ll send you a quick reminder of the unique web address you chose when setting up your account.

Virtual Call Center | Zendesk

Www.zendesk.es Call center solutions issues. Using call centers to provide phone support, both outbound and inbound, isn’t new. However, there’s always been issues associated with this approach which can be integrated with a virtual contact center:

ITIL Incident Management | Zendesk

Www.zendesk.es ITIL incident management software provides a system for your service desk that automates the workflow of incident management. In today's customer savvy technical world, it can be troublesome to keep up with the volume of customer requests or incidents that run across your help desk.

Optimizing your support operations as you scale with Zendesk

Www.zendesk.es Tune into this webinar to hear Zendesk General Manager, David Williams, give an inside look into what’s new and upcoming with customer service trends and how the Zendesk Support Enterprise plan provides you the tools to help you adapt. Hear a candid walkthrough of: The evolution of customer expectations, and how to set up […]

Zendesk vs Salesforce: Integrate or switch?

Www.zendesk.es Make the switch to Zendesk from Salesforce. If you're looking to simplify agent and customer experience for your sales CRM and customer service software, consider making the full switch to Zendesk.. Here are the top reasons and business benefits for companies to make the switch to Zendesk from Salesforce:

SaaS Customer Support Best Practices | Zendesk

Www.zendesk.es SaaS customer support delivers on-demand solutions. A messy and cluttered workshop is of help to no one. Trying to find the right tool for your project can be frustrating particularly when all the needed tools are scattered about your workspace.

Hospital Customer Service | Zendesk

Www.zendesk.es Hospital customer service helps support people during difficult times. Investing in hospital customer service training and adopting Zendesk customer service software will ensure that hospital customers get the best service possible.

Computer Telephony Integration - CTI Integration | Zendesk

Www.zendesk.es A different approach to computer telephony integration. Traditionally, using the phone as a support channel was not a digital process. Records needed to be manually recorded, making it not only time consuming but difficult to sort through for later use.

Email Based Ticketing System | Zendesk

Www.zendesk.es Whether your customers are looking for answers or need to be proactively engaged, Zendesk Support makes it happen with an email based ticketing system.

Open Source FAQ Software | Zendesk

Www.zendesk.es Increase agent efficiency with FAQ software . There's no denying that it's important to have robust knowledge management software. After all, the more targeted your FAQ page is, the fewer calls your customer service agents have to field.

Call Center Software & Contact Center Solutions | Zendesk

Www.zendesk.es Zendesk Talk is call center software that allows customer service teams to provide more personal, productive phone support within a multichannel context. Start your free trial today.

Internal Customer Service | Zendesk

Www.zendesk.es A different approach to internal customer support. Many companies know that to be successful, they must be customer centric. Meaning, they must always put the customer first, both in terms of the products and services they offer, and the level of service they provide.

MakeSpace Customer Service Story | Zendesk

Www.zendesk.es When Hurricane Sandy hit the Caribbean, the eastern United States, and Canada in 2012, a group of friends found that they were all struggling to figure out how and where to safely store their belongings. What they discovered was that self-service storage was a cumbersome, antiquated experience that had the customer shouldering all the burden: packing, lifting, hauling, putting it all away, and ...

CRM for Small Business | Zendesk

Www.zendesk.es La noticia entre bastidores. Relationships with small businesses can be complicated, but the tools to support them shouldn’t be. Zendesk's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is perceptive, built with customer support agents in mind.

Contact Me Form | Zendesk

Www.zendesk.es Reaping the benefits. Create a customizable contact form that enables you to embed Zendesk Support features into your website or help center. Enable your customers to get help without leaving your website or help center and get quick access to:

Outbound Call Center Software | Zendesk

Www.zendesk.es What is an outbound call center? An outbound call center helps businesses make calls to clients or prospects on behalf of their business. Outbound call agents can call for a variety of reasons like customer support, sales, fundraising, and survey research.

PHP Ticket System | Zendesk

Www.zendesk.es What is a PHP (PHP:Hypertext Preprocessor) ticket system? PHP is a server-side scripting language designed primarily for web design, but also used as a general-purpose programming language.

Business VoIP solutions with Zendesk Talk

Www.zendesk.es Business VoIP is a cost efficient way to provide great support to your customer base. Zendesk phone support software makes it easy, so try it today.

In-Product Messaging | Zendesk

Www.zendesk.es Driving engagement with in-product messaging. Catching the attention of your customer with an effective message, at a time when they’re likely to respond is an effective way to pique their interest.

The Repeat Customer podcast

Www.zendesk.es How do the best brands create great customer experiences that keep us coming back? Go behind the scenes of great CX in the new Repeat Customer podcast.

Maroc Cloud is a Zendesk Solution Provider

Www.zendesk.es Maroc Cloud est la Business Unit dédiée aux technologies Cloud de la société MCC. MCC excelle dans les métiers de l’expérience client et la mise en place de plateformes de services partagées dédiées à la relation client depuis plus de 15 ans.

Appamondo is a Zendesk App Developer, Implementation ...

Www.zendesk.es Professional Services We help organisations realise the full potential of Zendesk through a professional approach to the design, build and on-boarding of an omni-channel help-desks that can immediately create brand differentiation and competitive advantage.. Our Zendesk services proposition is designed to help you create a more nimble and agile help-desk transforming the way in which support ...

PayJoy Customer Service Story | Zendesk

Www.zendesk.es Learn how Fintech company PayJoy provides the unbanked and underbanked exceptional support and has increased its sales capacity 4x with Zendesk.

Open Source Portal Software | Zendesk

Www.zendesk.es The inside scoop on open source portal software. Zendesk help center software, which features a hub for customers looking to manage support requests and contributions to a community or knowledge base, makes it easy for customers to find exactly what they're looking for.

Contact Form for Website | Zendesk

Www.zendesk.es Un enfoque diferente. Zendesk Embeddables offers a simple way for customers to save time and feel more comfortable with your help center. It is very satisfying to know at the other end of your inquiry is a real human (or at least access to a real human agent) that puts customers at ease.

Best Forum Software | Zendesk

Www.zendesk.es What is the best forum software? The best forum software is the one that best meets the needs of your user community. The essence of a forum is to offer customers and users a convenient place to meet online, post questions and get answers.

El líder en software de seguimiento de problemas | Zendesk

Www.zendesk.es Con el software correcto para hacer seguimiento, los problemas desaparecen. Conozca cómo el sistema ágil de Zendesk Support hace fácil la administración, el seguimiento y la resolución de los tickets, incidentes y problemas.

Automated Ticketing System | Zendesk

Www.zendesk.es The inside scoop on automated ticketing. Zendesk, powered by machine learning, provides extra assistance to agents, like with suggestions for how to best handle a particular issue.

Experience Research Panel | Zendesk

Www.zendesk.es Anyone can join the panel. Really! We’re eager to speak with both people who use our product daily or never used it at all. And you can be anywhere — we conduct in-person research at our offices around the world or may ask you to invite us to your office.

Netway Communication is a Zendesk Business Service Provider

Www.zendesk.es Netway Communication is a cloud hosting company operating in Thailand. It provides IT infrastructure for SMEs, Middle-Sized Business, and Enterprise in Thailand.

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