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Zeppelin Armenia. 1.1K likes. Zeppelin Armenia LLC has been successfully working in the Armenian market since 2005. We offer a wide range of both new and used machines under Cat® trademark.There are...

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313D GC Series 2 - zeppelin.am

Www.zeppelin.am The 313D GC Series 2 hydraulic system is designed for high efficiency and performance. Auxiliary hydraulic and electrical lines are routed to the boom foot making installation of …

Cat MD6540 - zeppelin.am

Www.zeppelin.am Cat® MD6540 Rotary Blasthole Drill Specifications Rated Capacity Hole diameter 229-381 mm (9-15 in) 16 meter config Depth single-pass Up to 16.15 m (53 ft)

814F - zeppelin.am

Www.zeppelin.am Engine Engine Model Cat® 3176C ATAAC Gross Power 189 kW 254 hp Flywheel Power 179 kW 240 hp Weights Operating Weight 21 713 kg 47,877 lb Blade Specifications Blade …

Product Line - zeppelin.am

Www.zeppelin.am 3 The Models Compact Loader The compact loader, configured as either CL110 10 tonnes (11.02 tons) or CL115 13.5 tonnes (15 tons), is designed to operate in the sub 10 tonne (11.02 ton)


Www.zeppelin.am Created Date: 9/8/2011 12:13:53 PM

2015 AnnuAl RepoRt - zeppelin.am

Www.zeppelin.am ZeppelIn At A GlAnCe 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 SALES Construction Equipment EU SBU EURm 1,123 1,041 1,036 1,070 1,126 Construction Equipment CIS SBU EURm 307 434 573 665 516

Specalog for 160M2/160M2 AWD Motor Graders AEHQ6112-03

Www.zeppelin.am 160M2/ 160M2 AWD Motor Graders Engine Engine Model Cat® C9.3 ACERT™ Base Power (1st gear) – Net 159 kW 213 hp Base Power (1st gear) – Net (Metric) 216 hp

Cat 6060/6060 FS

Www.zeppelin.am Cat® Specifications Operating Weight Shovel Standard track pads 1 400 mm (4 ft 7 in) Operating weight 542 300 kg (1,195,550 lb) Ground Pressure 24.3 N/cm2 (35.1 psi)

Specalog for 834H Wheel Dozer, AEHQ5617-02

Www.zeppelin.am Engine Engine Model Cat® C18 with ACERT® Technology Gross Power 413 kW 554 hp Flywheel Power 372 kW 498 hp Weights Operating Weight 47 106 kg 103,849 lb Blade Specifications Blade Capacities 7.9 m3–22.2 m3 10.33 yd3–29 yd3 834H

374D L - zeppelin.am

Www.zeppelin.am 4 Operator Station 374D L is designed for simple, easy operation and comfort Cab Design The spacious cab provides visibility and ergonomics. The monitor is a full-color graphical display to provide

Engineered Class Conveyor Pulleys

Www.zeppelin.am 3 Standard Design Two Standard Designs: • Turbo-Disc for T1 Tensions < 53.4 kN (12,000 lbf) • T-Bottom for T1 Tensions > 53.4 kN (12,000 lbf) For conveyor pulleys, the area most prone to failure is the end-disc, especially where circumferential welds


Www.zeppelin.am 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 SALES Construction Equipment EU SBU EURm 1,041 1,036 1,070 1,126 985 Construction Equipment CIS SBU EURm 434 573 665 516 337

Zeppelin At A glAnce

Www.zeppelin.am Zeppelin At A glAnce 1) Consolidated.2) Incl. ZEPPELIN GmbH. 3) Without considering negative effects of acquiring mining equipment activities from Caterpillar (EURm 12.9). SBU: strategic business unit 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 sales Construction Equipment EU SBU EURm 1,036 1,070 1,126 985 -

Large Specalog for MD5150 Track Drill AEHQ6857-02

Www.zeppelin.am • Six rod carousel • Drill steel diameters 51 mm, 60 mm and 68 mm • Drill steel lengths 3.66 m or 4.27 m (12 or 14 ft) with a 6.1 m (20 ft) starter rod

Cat 6040/6040 FS

Www.zeppelin.am Diesel Engines (continued) Version 2 - Cummins® KTA38C Non-Cert Make and model 2 x Cummins KTA38C-1200 Total rated net power ISO 3046/1 1 492 kW (2,000 HP) -11,800 min

VFD-A800/W800 VFD-A1200/W1200

Www.zeppelin.am VFD-A800/W800 VFD-A1200/W1200 Variable Frequency Drive for Face Conveyor Systems Ultimate Control of Your Drive System You are utilizing megawatts of electrical power to drive your longwall

Specalog for 735B Articulated Truck AEHQ6128-00

Www.zeppelin.am 2 The new Cat® 735B with 32.7 tonnes (36 tons) rated payload offers proven reliability and durability, high productivity, superior operator comfort and lower operating costs. The spacious two-person cab with forward facing passenger seat

M318D MH M322D MH - zeppelin.am

Www.zeppelin.am M318D MH ® M322D MH Wheel Material Handlers M318D MH M322D MH Cat® C6.6 engine with ACERT™ Technology Net power (ISO 9249) 124 kW/169 hp 123 kW/167 hp Operating weight 21 100 to 23 400 kg 23 500 to 25 700 kg

Specalog for 740 Ejector Articulated Truck, AEHQ6047

Www.zeppelin.am 740 Ejector Articulated Truck Engine Engine Model Cat® C15 ACERT™ Gross Power – SAE J1995 350 kW 469 hp Net Power – SAE J1349 338 kW 453 hp Weights Rated Payload 38 tonnes 42 tons

Specalog for 12M Motor Grader, AEHQ5730-03

Www.zeppelin.am Cat® C6.6 ACERT™ VHP Base Power (1st gear) – Net 118 kW 158 hp VHP Range – Net 118-129 kW 158-173 hp VHP Plus Range – Net 118-144 kW 158-193 hp Gross Vehicle Weight – Base

Cat 6090 FS - zeppelin.am

Www.zeppelin.am Cat® 6090 FS Hydraulic Shovel Specifications General Data Operating weight Face Shovel 980 tonnes 1,080 tons Engine Output SAE J 1995 3 360 kW 4,500 HP

KM C368-20190524111918

Www.zeppelin.am pwc bQTUt.IU3nþfð9f1þb Uptfbtlþu» U 'llQ-þ pulðtltnnbpbpþtl 11 11b11tutltupnL1ðJu1üp hu12tlbtntlnL1òJmt1t1bpþg: 2019p. tfü1Jþuþ 13-þtl tft1t1P tuptnu1ht11Jtnt1L bt1P Iltupbþp


Www.zeppelin.am This warranty covers every major component of the products. Claims under this warranty should be submitted to a place of business of a Cat dealer or other source approved by Caterpillar.

ANNUAL REPORT - zeppelin.am

Www.zeppelin.am 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 SALES Construction Equipment EU SBU EURm 1,205 1,123 1,041 1,036 1,070 Construction Equipment CIS SBU EURm 299 307 434 573 665

Specalog for MD5075 Track Drill AEHQ6926-00

Www.zeppelin.am A Sturdy boom and feed support the carousel rod changer providing excellent pattern coverage and fewer required setups. The heavy-duty boom is constructed of thick square tubing with steel plate reinforcements in key areas to add strength.

2017 ANNUAL REPORT - zeppelin.am

Www.zeppelin.am ZEPPELIN AT A GLANCE 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 Sales Construction Equipment EU SBU EUR m 1,308 1,205 1,123 1,041 1,036 Construction Equipment CIS SBU EUR m 430 299 307 434 573

Specalog for HW300 Highwall Mining System AEHQ6802-01

Www.zeppelin.am 3. Linking underground and surface mining operations, the Cat ® Highwall Mining System is a testament to innovative mining equipment. The HW300 offers a safe and innovative

AEHQ5735-02, 24M Motor Grader Specalog

Www.zeppelin.am Cat® C18 ACERT™ Base Power (all gears) – Net 397 kW 533 hp Moldboard Width 7.3 m 24 ft Gross Vehicle Weight – Base Total 62 457 kg 137,694 lb Front Axle 18 862 kg 41,584 lb

Specalog for 773E Off-Highway Trucks, AEHQ6007-02

Www.zeppelin.am 773E Off-Highway Trucks Engine Engine Model Cat® 3412E Gross Power – SAE J1995 530 kW 710 hp Flywheel Power 501 kW 672 hp Operating Specifications Nominal Payload Class 55.5 tonnes 61 tons

Specalog for 992K Wheel Loader AEHQ5939-01

Www.zeppelin.am Title: Specalog for 992K Wheel Loader AEHQ5939-01 Author: Caterpillar Inc. Subject: 992K Wheel Loader Keywords: 992K Wheel Loader, AEHQ5939-01 Created Date

Small Specalog for Cat MD6640 Rotary Blasthole Drill ...

Www.zeppelin.am Optimal Working Ranges 1 Overall height with mast for 19.8 m (65 ft) single pass 31.29 m 102 ft 8 in 2 Height to top of handrails on operator cab 5.71 m 18 ft 9 in 3 Ground line to top of deck 2.00 m 6 ft 7 in 4 Ground line to bottom of rear jack pads 0.68 m 2 ft 3 in 5 Ground line to top of machinery house roof 4.67 m 15 ft 4 in 6 Overall width of machine 7.24 m 23 ft 9 in

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Technologies from …

Www.zeppelin.am 40 Over the past decade, the interest in combined heat and power (CHP) technologies has significantly grown among en-ergy customers, regulators, legislators, and developers over

Specalog for PL61 Pipelayer, AEHQ5938

Www.zeppelin.am Engine Engine Model Cat® C6.6 ACERT™ Flywheel Power 93 kW 125 hp • Engine ratings at 2,100 rpm. • Net power advertised is the power available at the flywheel when the engine is equipped with fan, air

Large Specalog for 521B/522B Track Feller Bunchers & Track ...

Www.zeppelin.am The Cat C9 ACERT Tier 3 high torque engine provides excellent power, fuel economy, serviceability and durability. The Cat C9 ACERT is a dependable performer, while meeting all

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