Five Ways Casinos Attract and Retain Repeat Customers


In modern society, casinos can make a huge profit if you play long enough. But how do casinos do this? Casinos use special formulas to determine “predicted lifetime value” of gamblers. These rankings are based on the amount they gamble. The biggest losers are known as “whales,” and these people are the most valuable repeat customers for casinos. As such, casinos market aggressively to them. Here are five ways casinos attract and retain repeat customers:

First, casinos focus their investment efforts on the high rollers. These gamblers typically spend several times more than the average player, and they gamble in special rooms away from the main casino floor. Their stakes can range in the tens of thousands of dollars. These high rollers are extremely profitable for casinos, and they get lavish personal attention and freebies. But how do casinos make money from high rollers? The answer lies in their greed.

Second, casinos offer more than just gambling. They also host live entertainment and restaurants. Many casinos include shopping malls and restaurants, which add to their overall appeal. In addition to games, casinos sometimes hold live shows and concerts. And of course, they are often located in a tourist area. Despite their economic and social implications, casinos are important sources of income for the city and state they are located in. Many cities in Europe, including Las Vegas, are home to dozens of casinos, some of which even host live entertainment.