Slot Machines and the Effects of Sound


When it comes to gambling, the word “slot” might conjure up images of high-stakes bouts of chance where fortunes can be won or lost in seconds. But those are no longer the only ways casinos make money. In fact, according to this article by Elizabeth Schull, slots now account for 85 percent of casino profits and are even beating out blackjack, roulette, and poker in terms of overall profitability.

The slot is an area in the offensive formation positioned close to but just behind the line of scrimmage and usually taken up by either a wide receiver or a running back. It is a position that helps create formations that can potentially feature multiple potential ball receivers on the same side of the field and it also makes defenses think twice about how to defend those formations because the players in the slot can run routes from several different directions and can stretch defenders vertically by running short routes like slants or quick outs.

Interestingly, sound has always been a part of slot machines, and the results of this study show that sounds help to reinforce the arousal associated with winning symbols. Moreover, when those winning symbols are accompanied by sound, players tend to overestimate the number of times they win compared to a sound-off condition. In fact, this effect is even exacerbated when sounds accompany losses disguised as wins. As such, it is important that slot designers consider the effects of sound in their designs.