What Is a Slot?


The term “Slot” refers to a dynamic item on a web site that is defined by an ACC rule. Similarly to a “column”, a slot can be passive or active. A scenario determines the content of a slot based on the scenario’s logic. The scenario may use a “Add Items to Slot” action or a “targeter” to fill a slot with content. The scenario element may reference a content repository or a specific item in the database. The relationship between a scenario and a slot is complex, but slots and scenarios are closely connected. A renderer specifies how to display the content in a given slot.

The high slot is a prime place for a defenseman to take a shot. With a clear view of the goal, a defender can blast a slap shot past the goalie. A center or winger can also use his stick to redirect a shot in front of the goalie. A well-placed one-timer from the high slot is among the most beautiful shots in hockey. A goalie must be alert and react in time to save the puck.

Once you’ve chosen a slot type, you can map it to other values. For example, an entity value New York may have synonyms Big Apple or NYC. If the user says NYC is mapped to New York, the Dialog Engine will recognize these words and will show those synonyms. You can also add synonyms by clicking the field, and pressing enter. If you want to delete a synonym, you can hover over it and click X.