The Casino Experience


Whether you like to spin the wheel, roll the dice or lay it all on black and red, casinos are the best places to satisfy your gambling urges. And most of these temples of temptation are decked out with opulent furnishings, overflowing bars and awe-inspiring architecture. Taking a gamble at these casinos is truly an experience.

The casino concept was pioneered in Nevada. In the 1950s, mobsters who had plenty of cash from their drug dealing and other illegal rackets decided to invest it in Reno and Las Vegas. Their funds helped to bolster the casino industry and gave a new image to gambling, which was considered a crime in most other states.

Today, casinos are choosier about who they accept as patrons. They focus on the high-rollers and offer them a variety of perks to keep them coming back. They may receive free hotel rooms, meals and tickets to shows. They may also be given limo service, airline tickets and discounted travel packages. These are called comps.

Casinos also have elaborate security systems. They have cameras that cover every table, window and doorway. These cameras are constantly monitored by security staff in a room filled with banks of monitors. They can also be adjusted to focus on particular suspects. They can even record conversations in the casino and outside. This technology helps the casinos to catch cheaters and swindlers. They can even help to track down stolen money.