How to Add a Name to a Slot


The slot HTML element is part of the Web Components technology suite. It is a type of container that allows you to create a DOM tree with different elements and attributes for each one. In addition, it supports global attributes. This article describes how to add a name to a slot. Adding a name to a Slot is easy. Just make sure to use the correct name attribute. Then, you can add it to your document.

The slot is the place where the puck or pucks will fall without deflection. A low slot is best for wrist shots, as it allows a clear view of the goal. The defender will use this area to establish a no man’s land. However, a high slot is used for shooting and is considered a poor spot to shoot because of its position. So, it is important to use it carefully and be careful not to shoot into the slot when you are trying to score.

The dialog engine can identify discrete pieces of information in utterances and map them to slot types. Using a regular expression, you can map flight codes to slots, or match phrases in utterances to slots. By default, this is done for “room”.